Humorous Conversations with Non-Disney Loving Spouses Regarding Planning

Anyone else have anything like this or similar happen:

Me: So our 180th day for booking dining reservations at Disney World is fast approaching. Can we start discussing our plan?

Wife: Do we have to start planning already? It seems like we were just planning this for our last trip. [which was this past November]

Me: What do you mean “Do we have to start planning ALREADY”? I’ve been planning for the next Disney trip since the day we got home from our last trip.


Yep. I get the shaking head smile often like I have lost my mind.

My enthusiasm was not shared today when I said we were only 10 days away from double digits.


I think that this may be at least a day late😉.


I talk about Disney every day. My wife is really starting to think I’m nuts.


I don’t even ask any more, because the answer is always “whatever you want, honey” of course when i tell him i saved money on different aspects of the trip, he is all ears. he also this trip requested Raglan Road.

Right after I responded, DH and I went for our morning walk with neighbors and the guys started talking about Disney and I found out DH really LOVES MK fireworks…so there ya go


Mine hasn’t been since he was a teenager. He thinks it’s stupid to spend so much money when we could go to Peru or elsewhere out of country for the same. We have an almost 2 year old, so I don’t care, we are going to Disney. He has requested to ride HM twice, but otherwise is uninterested. If I try to tell him something about it, he says “Please stop talking!”

I think he’s going to love it.


Well, my wife and I have a different problem. We both LOVE Disney, and are both planners. This means that we’re always trying to out-do each other in our pre-planning knowledge. But I’m much more flexible than she is…so if we discuss a plan, in her head that solidifies it. But then, a week later, I’ll say something like, “You know how we were planning to do X on day Y? Well, what if we shifted that around so that instead we do Z?”

A look of panic and annoyance crosses her face. I then have to give her about 3 days to process the idea, find vlogs about the idea, and then eventually come back with a counter-proposal.


My DH is blissfully absent from the planning process until a few days before departure, which is when he usually pipes up with something like “why aren’t we eating at x restaurant?”. Umm, because every time I’ve asked you the answer I got back was “I don’t care, you choose.”…

Funnily enough, this morning my DD5 said that she needed to speak to me about Disney. Ok hun, what’s up? Turns out she has 3 new “rules” for our upcoming trip.

  • Rides: Fastpasses for Flight of Passage and Everest are a must-do on our AK days.
  • Stroller: there needs to be a few different snacks available at all times. Plus the snack tray. And her DCL water bottle.
  • Nights: at bedtime I am to put her to bed and cover her with a snuggly blanket, and then it’s sleepy time straight away so we’re ready for the parks early.

This is already more of a contribution than I’ve had from DH in years… :rofl:


Sounds familiar!


Allll the time. My husband loves Disney but doesn’t care about the planning process because he knows I have it covered. I was trying to get him to make some decisions about park days for our November 2019 trip and he said, “Is it REALLY that important that we decide now?” I told him yes because we only have about two months until I need to make dining reservations and he rolled his eyes.


As we walked into Swan together a few years ago:
“You know, I’ve stayed here twice before for our Orlando meetings. I didn’t know Epcot was so close, I might have tried to go.”


My DH decided to start planning while in the park. Had to have a talk with him that we would go over plans night before so he could put his input in then since he didn’t the prior year as I planned!


My wife knows that I’m nuts already. She is actually worried bout what I’m going to do with myself once we’re done with our trip this year.


That’s easy- daydream about possible future trips and start scheming how you can get back sooner!

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Or, you can be like me. When planning one Disney trip isn’t enough…plan two, instead! :slight_smile:


My husband says this to me all the time!

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My husband has quickly learned that I get my feelings hurt when he’s not “supportive” of my planning, so he responds with fake enthusiasm now. I appreciate that effort.

Our conversation this morning while brushing our teeth

Me: So! That website I like so much (that’s what I call TP when I’m talking to him) said that some people have been able to access their FP’s a few days BEFORE the 60 day window, so I’m going to start trying a few days out from our 60 day window.

Husband: Cool. Yeah. You should definitely do that.


For better or worse (there will be some of both), you now have a co-planner :slight_smile:

I tried … I thought a May trip and a fall trip would be a great idea for this year … my wife said “no way … not negotiable until the kids are older”. At least she keep the door open a crack for the future.

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Technically speaking, they are now older. :wink: