[Humor] Onion article on 5th gate being added

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I figured some of you might get a laugh out of this.


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Love It!!

My first trip to Disney (before being a parent) I watched a mother holding her daughter’s arm firmly saying, “YOU SAID YOU WANTED TO GO ON THE TEACUPS! WE ARE GOING ON THE TEACUPS!” At that moment I swore I would never travel with kids to Disney without an impartial witness or friend. I’m a solo mama and have made two trips to Disney with my son and the required friends. This April it will be just my nine year old son and me. I hope we don’t Ordeal Kingdom.

This made me laugh!! imagine the photo passes from that trip! :wink:

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The best I ever heard was a mother shouting at her son “$10,000 on a holiday and you’re still moaning”

Excellent! I once saw a woman pulling her daughter (?) by the hair towards Splash, the little girl was petrified and didn’t want to go on, and the woman was not having it. Luckily I saw someone intervene who was very calm about it since there were so many people around. I wouldn’t have been so calm if I had gotten there first…

Loved it. But remember, satire is only funny because there is an element of truth behind it… :smile:

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Even my kids got a laugh out of that. Great article. :smile: