Humor me and tell me how this looks please? Update post 119

I’m a HUGE Saints fan, even through the paper bag years, lol. I don’t really care about watching too many other teams (unless I have to root for the loss of a rival due to brackets and all).

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This game has me too frustrated to post anything tonite.

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:smiley: My DH is a Bears fan.

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Ugly game all around - defenses were good, offenses horrible - luckily ours was alittle bit better.

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Anyone want to take a look at this for me?
I will try for SDFP for things like Pooh and PP (unlikely) and we may just go ahead and wait that silly long time for 7DMT at the end… but that means I will have to forgo any fun dinners.

Should I try to RD 7DMT? I’m thinking no because we could get so much more done in that first hour…

I officially have the three FPP listed… I modified what I’d started with this morning to match this more.

I’m missing a LOT of rides and I know that. We will have a half day there later in the week (sans FPP however as we have rides booked at DHS for PM - that’s how I’m getting on SDD…) and we will be there for MVMCP. I would consider going to MK for late EMH on 11/13 as well.

  1. What’s for lunch?
  2. Knowing what I know…If you can find a way to work Monster’s Inc AFTER Space Mt. waiting in line for the theater is a great place to concentrate on the refreshing to hunt for FP’s, and even while you are in the theater if you need to. Of course, if you work the FP system, and move them up as you go, this might not make sense.

I love PPF and I love 7d. No chance in hell I’d wait over 45 minutes for either. You gotta do what you gotta do, but 90 minutes for 7d? I hate to say this, but I’d skip it. Please tell me you have a res finder set up for a ppo bog? If it’s not an emm or emh day, you can walk on 7d, and then get on ppf for a 30 minute wait.


I do have a res finder for both BOG and CP. I’m hoping one comes through.

I got a PP FPP for our MVMCP day at 3:15-4:15. Hoping to book right to it when we get there. Then Belle and Pooh. I need to go take Belle off this TP.

I doubt highly we will wait the 90 mins.

It seems so strange to me that 7DMT was unavailable for us 60 through 60+7. But i had great options for FOP and decent options for SDD.

Omg this! I have so much fun whether it’s my trip or someone else’s! Not tech savvy enough to try and post it but love watching all of you!

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this is always my method. Last time we went and I just optimized for waiting, DH was not real happy.

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Actually it doesn’t look like a lot of walking to me. What did you set walking speed to? I always do relaxed so that bathroom breaks are accounted for.

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I think this was stated earlier, but CP will not get you a head start anymore.
BOG will still effectively give you a walk on of 7d or PPF, and then, hopefully a very short wait for whichever you pick 2nd. If I wanted to do 7d and pp, I’d do 7d 1st then pp, but that’s me.

As a “more advanced” wdw visitor, my MK plan is pretty simple:

3 fp back to back starting at 9:30am (ish)
BOG or am emh.
Move the 10:30 fp to an earlier time after checking in for 9:30.
Move the 11:30 FP to an earlier time after checking in for the 2nd fp.

Then crush through 4th-?th fp all day while scheduling the lower demand attractions and shows that we like. This way, when you score a splash FP, you don’t mind pushing back Monster’s inc, or people mover. Plus, it’s easy to concentrate on the hunt while you are waiting in a theater for a show to start (country bears, Monster’s inc, Philharmagic.)

If you have someone in your group you TRUST, teach them the ways of the Fastpass hunt!

As a first timer, we still had an absolute blast by trusting TP, and the TP community for creating an awesome itinerary. But next level touring is freekin awesome. There was one point on our last trip, that we just ping-ponged between Splash, BTMM, and HM several times - fp after fp after fp. total riot!

I hope you have a lunch break in there!

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That’s funny.
I really thought I had lunch.

My normal MO is to commando-tour.
Having just visited DLR last summer I am having a hard time with the WDW-required vibe. Our last trip had me jamming out the FPP, BUT I also had a second set of bands for SDFP for the secondary rides.

I’m going to add in a 30min meal somewhere… Thank you for reminding me.

I got BOG for 8:20AM breakfast on our second MK day!!!

Is that early enough if we preorder and eat diligently? LOL


Good. First thing I noticed is that after Tortuga Inn, you have no room for eating nor snacks/rest. And, as @bethro23 stated, hopefully you set your walking speed to relaxed, otherwise you aren’t leaving yourself any margin of error nor time for restroom breaks, etc.

As long as you get in line for 7DMT before 6:00 you are okay, so you have room to add in the break/lunch period.

If you find you want to be extra sure, you might consider dropping Magic Carpets (since you have Dumbo later in the day) and swap Laugh Floor in that spot. Then, have lunch immediately after BLSRR before Space Mountain.

Now, I actually like Magic Carpets, but the line is slow and just a rehash of Dumbo…but then, I think I’d actually drop Dumbo before I’d drop Magic Carpets, since Magic Carpets have more interactivity and can be ridden by the whole family more easily. So you could drop Dumbo and have a later lunch in that spot instead. Or, perhaps have lunch where Enchanted Tales is, and move Enchanted Tales to where Dumbo is.

Fix your cheapness? :slight_smile: Or never having a Dole Whip …

I think there is a good chance you will be able to pick up SDFP for at least a couple of Pooh, Dumbo, Small World and Under the Sea. That will save you some time in the afternoon. Remember to start checking for SDFP as soon as you check in for your third FP.

I would not wait 50 minutes for PPF, but that’s a personal decision.

Are you staying until close for MVMCP? It was 6 years ago so things may have changed since then, but I rode 7DMT around 11:30 pm with only 30 minute wait.

We are not doing MVMCP this day (11/12).

We will on 11/14. I will certainly stay til they kick us out.

We will do a morning (11/16) at WDW sans FPP because we have those at DHS for the PM (my sole SDD). On THAT day we now have PPO BOG so hopefully will do 7DMT then! I hate waiting til our last chance to get 7DMT. And here’s hoping it’s working and running. But it’s the best I can do.

I need to tinker with plan now. I won’t get on a PC for a day or two though.

I :heart: PPO BOG and it’s generally a good way to RD 7DMT. Keep checking for a chance to pick up a 7DMT FP. I got one early in the morning the day before on our Nov trip last year. I’ll keep :crossed_fingers: for you.

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What did your DD eat in there. The menu is -interesting-.

I think the standard is that you will be permitted entry with all of the 8am ADR folks, and you will also be allowed to pre-order, or “regular order” and eat with thew 8am folks. 8:20 essentially means 8am. You’re good! AS long as no EMH or EMM are offered, you’re in at 8am, and you should have a walk on 7d at like 8:50am. Generally, a CM will ask that all of the Pre RD ADR folks line up between BOG and the fence next to 7d if you’d like to ride 7d. They will hold you there in line until a little before 9, and then they will walk you to the 7d line entrance.

Look at the prices / options. Pre-order. If you are paying out of pocket, it might be wise to split a few meals. (The prices are an absolute joke, but Walt knows that people will pay 14.00 for a fastpass…errr, I mean, bowl of oatmeal.)

I’d suggest the Feast A La Gaston to split for 2 adults. You’ll get some grocery store quality danishes to share with the meals as well. I’d split meals for the adults, and get coffee and then call it an appetite suppressant/fastpass.