Humor me and tell me how this looks please? Update post 119

On all prior trips I subscribed to TP and then ripped out the plan from the back of the book. I’ve never tried to understand or use the features on this site, until this time around.

I’ve just finished up my best effort for a TP for MK on 11/12 when it is open from 9A - 6P. I started with a basic plan for “Families with younger and older children” as I thought it was the best template. I took out the few things that I don’t care to try for (though individual members could swap stuff out, ie. sister likes HM more than Aladdin, etc.) and it gets everything but meet M/M in during that time. I supposed I could ax AstroO or such to get that in.

Any thoughts? This is with me presumably getting my optimum FPP choices (60+0 mind you) and that’s probably not going to happen…

There seems to be quite a bit of walking.

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I am no expert by any means, my upcoming trip will be my first time using TP, but I added all the things I wanted to see/do and optimized and then completely rearranged it to avoid all the criss-crossing and back tracking. It took a lot of time and re-evaluating to get a plan that TP estimates will work, but I think my feet will thank me!


I’m really struggling to understand the TPs.
Why wouldn’t it have me visit China pavilion just before or after I am seeing Reflections of China? And why do I have to tell it to see the American Experience just before or after I see VOL? This is when I optimize.

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My initial impression is that you need more breaks / free time. Only 30 minutes for lunch is very optimistic, and there’s little buffer if something goes wrong. This may be ok if you have a couple of attractions you don’t mind skipping if you get off track.

You can change your “walk vs. wait” optimizer to prefer less walking if you don’t like to zigzag. Give it a try. Also, after I optimize, I love to move the steps slightly to customize based on my preferences and evaluate.


I find that the walk less isnt that efficient. Still puts u all over the place.


Agreed - that’s why the “rearrange and evaluate” is a vital skill to hone. :slight_smile:


Alright girl I got u, lol. Is there anything in ur plans that u would like to add but didnt bc of time? I hate criss crossing. Is this ur only day at MK? Do u have any preference in dining or is QS good? Also, how many days are u into ur plan for FP info and whats the CL say?
I have successfully used my TP several times. Id love to help you out! I can usually do MK in a day.


Your plan has a lot of walking. I don’t use optimize, I prefer evaluate and move things to where they make sense. For example, it makes little sense to me to rope drop Pooh and then ride the teacups, then heading to Pirates and Splash and then return to Fantasyland. Then it has you waiting 55 minutes for Jungle Cruise later. Seems odd. I try to keep rides in the same area close to each other.


I set walk vs wait to walk and set walking speed to “very relaxed” in order to get plans in which I won’t walk as much (and also to make it easy to be ahead of the plan)


I’m about to put my Littles to bed.
I’m actually pretty satisfied with what is on the list. It just seems overly complicated.

We are also doing MVMCP but concentrating on party events that night - but I bet we can squeeze in a magic carpet for DD9 (favorite ride LOL).

I’m thinking lunch anywhere at 11 AM. My food allergic son won’t be with me. I could get Mac and cheese at Friar Tucks or sit for a nicer meal at CHH. QS - we don’t hate anything. (Too bad I can’t get catfish!)

I think we’ll grab a snack around 2 or 3.

I plan to have a nice sit-down dinner off property after we leave.

Ok, good deal, ill play with it tomorrow! I LOVE making TPs. Cooking and family time tonight but ill check back tomorrow with some ideas. I dont think TP optimizer is best. I usually add my things in order of proximity, not in the order of the list they provide then evaluate and sort it out from there.


i can vouch for drv… he helped me with all my tps…they now look great! :grin:


Thx @WImom! I know ur trips coming up soon, right? Let me know how it goes! Im a planner, i LOVE it. Im so glad u found my info helpful!

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Knowing what I know:

  1. If this is a party night, you should be able to CRUSH Fastpasses. I’d be very secure in assuming that (if you want,) you’ll be able to absolutely get 4th 5th, 6th, 7th etc up until 5pm.

  2. I’d also be looking to snag a BOG PPO.

  3. Optimize, see what the software spits out, and then re-arrange using common sense, then evaluate.Use the options for walking speed, less walking, less time as you see fit. Use common sense. The software cannot replace common sense for what’s right for your group. The software is great, don’t get me wrong. I’ve been pro tp for years, but you gotta tweak it - and that’s a reason why it’s so great. You CAN tweak it for YOU.

If you are familiar with working the FP system, I’d assume you’ll be done well before your current plan, especially if you get a ppo res. Party days mean lesser crowds, and MK has so many FP attractions - I’d be very confident that you will CRUSH MK with ease.


30 days to go! will definitely keep you in the loop… look for my fabulous trip report lol

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I’m sincerely hoping to Maximize FPP, but I could not find any PPO breakfasts when I remembered at 179 days out :woman_facepalming:

I will!

Use the res finder!

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What do you have the walking speed set at? Is it a pace that you think your group can maintain?

I agree that it is a lot of zigzagging. As others have said, once I have my list of attractions I like to put them in an order that makes sense. I would try to do all of one land at a time. Or at least stick to one side of the park at a time.

I picked up a lunch ADR for 4 at BOG a day or two before our first MK day. Try both Touring Plans’ reservation finder and the one at for PPO BoG – that way if you don’t get 7DMT FPs (which seems unlikely at 30days out) you have a solid rope drop plan and can hopefully avoid the wait there.

If you don’t have FPs, I wouldn’t wait more than 30 minutes for 7DMT – it’s fun but the wait times are disproportionate to the fun.