Huge iPhone Improvements

I can finally post from my iPhone ( although it seems to take a random number of taps on the reply button to make it work). Interface also seems better - although still a bit "clunky". Been reading and posting for over an hour with full functionality. Thanks Len and tech staff!


I also have to hit the reply button a few times before my message posts.

Well, not any more!! Last post posted with one touch if the reply button. Yeah!!

I have to hit reply twice but otherwise it's been fine - if I'm missing anything I don't know anyway since I'm never on my laptop.

I can submit and reply but my screen is floating all over the place. It is driving me crazy. Searched for remedy but couldn't find anything. Also, each time I move to a new thread it takes almost a minute to load.

I'm on an iphone and have had no problems from the beginning. 😁