Hub construction

With all the hub construction, what is a good place to watch hallowishes? The middle of Main Street is not a good option for us

We were just there and watched from the friends statue. There’s a lot with the castle during Hallowishes which adds a lot I think. We were in the hub at 9pm. Got benches near the friends statue, watched celebrate the magic and stayed for the fireworks. If not straight on, people seem to like Fantasyland for standard Wishes. We watched 4th of July fireworks from Swiss Family Tree and also from near Tiki Room, closer towards jungle cruise.

Thanks. We really want to see the castle projection too. My moms first trip and she needs to see it all!! I’ll try the friends statue.

It’s not an ideal location, but last month if you’re looking to get away from the crowds I watched from the area between the Plaza and Tomorrowland Terrace. You’re behind the construction walls, but I stood on a small brick wall near the restaurant and could see more of the castle than I typically do when behind thousands of heads on Main Street.

If you’re walking by that way earlier in the day, then take a look at whether or not you can see the castle over the construction walls, then you can decide if this is an adequate spot for you. The best thing for me is this area isn’t near as packed with people (at least note right now) as some other spots.

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