Hub construction? Magic?

I was just reading Seth’s very enjoyable blog on the 24-Hour Day at MK and saw the photos of the ongoing Hub construction. What a mess. The fact that the Partners statue was boxed off for the 24-Hour Day and kick-off of the “Coolest Summer Ever” is rather unbelievable, if not inexcusable. Holy cow, how long is this construction going to take?!

Wait…Are there any dwarfs involved in this project? Like seven of them. Big hats. WDW should know that these guys are better diggers than builders. Maybe it’s about time they got a certain genie on the project. Or fairy godmother. After all, shouldn’t she be hanging around that castle anyway? It’s probably all Maleficent’s fault. Hate her.

Hey now, be careful who you be hatin’ on :wink: