Of course, we leave WDW on the 17th.

Of course; Murphy’s Law in action.

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Yes, and we have breakfast at Topolino’s on the morning that we leave. My DGD3 loves Donald. That would have been a fun day to get a hug and an autograph. Oh, well, at least I was able to get the ADR.

No date is mentioned in the official blog post.

I have not read the article above, but if they are mentioning a specific date I’m not sure how they got that. Folks have been speculating after Easter since the TikTok came out yesterday. But in the disney parks blog post it says spring.

Which I sure hope means April, as we are there then. It does say “as early as” 4/18 but no guarantee :wink:

Because spring doesn’t end until 6/21 so in true Disney fashion it could be held until 6/20

" As early as April 18, we will start reintroducing traditional character greetings…" and “While not all locations will be available immediately, we anticipate reopening in phases throughout the spring and early summer.” per Disney Parks Blog. So a starting date, but no specifics beyond that.

I read this as “some will start on April 18th” others will happen later.

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Currently blog post states as early as April 18th it start to reintroduce. So could be one on a cruise ship

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I did mention that. But “as early as” doesn’t necessarily mean guaranteed that day

I sure as heck hope so as our friend BlogMickey, er @mikejs78 , will be there and my cousins and their littles will be as well.

And then I’m there the next week.

But I am trying not to get my hopes up is all.


Probably have to wait for CM’s to be recertified in self defense while in costume


Tom Bricker from Disney Tourist Blog also mentions the April 18th date as a start some if not all, as they roll things out.

I sure hope they are right!

I’m dying to hug a mouse, a misogynist, a princess, and a pirate


Maybe they could have a soft opening of character meets for just out last day, maybe last 2 days.


Gaston, right? :joy:


That’s the one!


I can only imagine how awkward it would be holding back your kids when they go from hugging characters to characters where it hasn’t rolled out yet


Ooh good point

I think those places will still have distanced meets, like behind a rope.

But it still could be hard to hold back a super excited kid who just darts and goes under

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“Sorry Jimmy but Mickey wants you to keep your distance today…. I think he and Minnie are fighting”


They also said in the blog post that traditional character meals will be coming back soon, although I suspect that will be later than the 18th.


Oh wait- so this does not include the character meals? Bummer. We are going the week of 4/24 and I would LOVE for our OHana breakfast or BOG lunch to include a character or two….fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

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