Wow twice a day! That’s awesome, but also seems like a lot.

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I’ll admit, I’m kind of bummed it is returning. I was hoping Disney would stick to the calvacades instead of the full parade.

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This is awesome!

Viva 2019!

I feel like they often had twice a day Parades years gone by.

This is FANTASTIC news for me. 2:30 is after hop, after all :wink:

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Me too. I loved the calvacades. I’ve never seen a parade there because too many people crowded around the route.


Is this replacing all The calvacades?

Normally it was just once a day at either 2 or 3 depending on the time of year, especiallyafter MSEP ended in 2016. The parties always ran the parade twice a night so I thought it was odd they only did the day parade once.

One positive is that parades are people eaters! It’s a good time to check out a ride that typically has a long line because more people are likely to be staking out a spot for the parade.

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