:+1::+1: This place was the highlight of our MK day a few years ago!


I love that show! One day at MK I kept seeing ‘that guy’ all over the place and it was so fun to relive it over and over throughout the day.

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Always a family favorite, hope it re-opens soon.

This is a family favorite. My 15yo could do this multiple times in a row and be VERY happy!

DS has had his joke picked three times. It’s always fantastic when that happens


Getting this sticker was a Bucket List moment.


That is fantastic!!!

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I LOVE THIS!! So Awesome.

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DD, then six and in pigtails, was pegged as Boo our last trip and she thought it was great. Her identical sister was a wee bit jealous. :joy:

So happy to hear these things are coming back!

That attraction induces so much anxiety—what if they pick me or show me/my super anxious kids on the screen. Ahhhhhhhhhh When it’s over, I always say it was fun but while it’s happening, its super stressful.

My family was sad when this wasn’t open this April. Glad to see this, but don’t know if we’ll be going back to Disney World any time soon.