New information regarding resort hotels and opening dates.


Wonder where they will move POFQ guests for my December trip. I don’t want to be at one of the large sprawling moderates.

Anyone know what I should be doing about a December POFQ stay if it isn’t open? I have heard nothing from Disney about calling as was mentioned on another thread.cci don’t want to initiate contact if that would negate any upgrade.

I have a POFQ reservation for October, have not heard anything yet either

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Same boat. I’m Aug/sept at POFQ and i would NOT LIKE being put at CBR. Sorry, its just not my favorite. Stayed there once and never planned to go back.

No email or communication from Dis yet either

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We will arrive at Disneyworld on August 2, and our hotel is the All Star Sports, we still do not have any news, and from what I see in the link it has no reopening date yet. What do they do in these cases, do they relocate you to another hotel?

To top it off, we are from Spain and travel from Europe to the United States is still closed. All evils join us

We stayed there once way back when. DH said, never again.
No other moderate compares to POFQ. I will need a deluxe upgrade, thank you very much.

Still waiting to hear something about our ASMovie res July/August. I do know we will not pay to get moved since our resort is closed. Will post if I hear anything.

Edited to clarify:Disney might require us to pay to move, but if that’s the case, we won’t pay and we will reschedule for next year. May end up doing that anyway.

I will be cancelling with Beach Club closed in late July. I’m curious to hear if others are being offered anything on a future trip if their resort won’t be open and they cancel instead of moving to an open resort. I had free dining that turned into 35% off room rate, and I would hope I can at least carry that over to a 2021 booking.

I haven’t heard of any such offers, I’m sorry.