HS winter nighttime shows

I have been reading about the new nighttime shows coming next month to Hollywood Studios: Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM and Sunset Seasons.

During our trip, it looks like Jingle BAM will be at 8p while Fantasmic is at 8:30p. Would it be difficult to watch Jingle BAM and then make our way over to Fantasmic? My kids are finally at an age where they would want to watch Fantasmic but, since I’ve never been, I’m not sure what the seating is like and if it’s crazy to think we would get in with only minutes to spare.

Also, any idea what time(s) Sunset Seasons will run?

Even with a FP or F! dining package I think you’d struggle. I don’t know much about Jingle Bam but you’ll need to be at F! by about 8.15, or by 8 if you’re doing standby.