HS updates post SWGE opening and EEMH

I’m sure this has been asked a lot but I can’t find any specific information. We are heading there next week and I’m trying to update our plans based on the opening of SWGE and the EEMH. I know there is no way with 3 small kids we will get there at 6am, but how crazy is it if we get there at 8am or so? Can anyone point me to a page with updates on how things are shaking out there now and what should possibly be adjusted in my touring plan? On the app the wait times don’t seem too crazy except SDD. Any tips are appreciated!

I was there with family in early September. Off site. Arrived at 9am. Rode SDD stand by in about 30 minutes. Rode MFSR 3 or 4 times over 2 days, longest wait was 45 minutes. Some waits were 30 minutes. Line continually moves- genrally speaking/

Overall park was uncrowded. ToT wait times increased a few times, but waiting until later and/or FPP helped that. FPP ASS and stand by was 15 minute in the evening. FPP for TSMM.

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The next Touring Plans CL and wait time update will be this Friday 10/04/19. TP was unable to get reliable data the first couple weeks after SWGE opened due to the hurricane and the mixed crowds during late August / early Sept. This update should, hopefully, begin to reflect accurate DHS and SWGE CLs and wait times.

TP said the next update would be today, 10/1. Did you hear 10/4 somewhere else? I’m referring to the blog post when the September update was skipped.

We arrive 10/5 - would like to update my TPS before we leave if possible. :slight_smile:

My info / date is from the YouTube Live discussion two weeks ago with TP Statistician Steve Bloom + Angela & Brian.

I can’t remember the exact minute he says it, but here the link to the video:

I haven’t seen an update done today.

I don’t usually get notifications until after midnight. Oh well - it is what it is.

Thanks for sharing the video!

No worries. If it was going to update on 10/1/19 it would, probably, been after midnight last night.

The last update I got was 8/2. Before that I received updates on 7/25, 7/19, and 5/4.

Most were Fridays. So you’re probably right - I’m thinking the work is being done now and released end of week.

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I listened to TP podcast from today. Previously recorded but they said 10/1 for the update. But it’s almost 10/2 and no update. I’m assuming it’s really 10/4.

Hmmmm. But the CL have been adjusted for my November dates. Changed since yesterday or day before when I last looked. But no alert from TP.

Update is posted


Just went up about 30 minutes ago! Yea!! I’ve got a trip planned for my boss the week of 10/14/19, so I’ve anxiously waiting. Looks like CLs are down just a bit!

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My kids and I did EEMH at HS this past Friday morning. We ended up arriving around 7:15am and went straight to SWGE. We road Smuggler’s Run in the standby line with a 35 minute wait and then walked to TSL to ride Slinky Dog with a 25 minute wait. It is worth noting that the pathway between TSL and SWGE was open for guests to enter or exit at will. I had read other posts that said you could only exit SWGE into TSL but not go back into SWGE. That wasn’t the case on Friday. Had we wanted to, we would have easily been able to ride Alien Swirling Saucer and TSMM with under a 20 minute wait for each. I will say that the lines for characters seemed surprisingly long for the 8:00am - 9:00am hour. If you can rally your kids to arrive by 7:00am, I think you will find that you can get at least 3-5 more attractions done depending on where you choose to spend your time. I honestly regret not dragging them out of bed and being there at 6:00am.

Most of my days in May/June 2020 went up slightly but a few days/parks went down. Not too big a difference.

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I created a separate thread on this…because the days/parks that the CLs went up slightly, when I re-evaluated my TPs, the wait times actually went DOWN. :confused:

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Where can I find this update? I just reran my customized TP and it didn’t reflect things like the fastpass tier changes, so I’m not sure I’m doing it right!

It was automatic. Nothing to download or install.

Which changes are you referencing?

No kidding! We are in the parks 10/23-11/2. If nothing changes we could be up for some epic touring like we’ve never seen before! :grin::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I have multiple coworkers going between 10/9 - 10/18. I’ve very interested in what they report.

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Will you post their findings/report? I’m sooo curious now! :laughing:

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