HS TP Not Showing Accurate Free Time

I’ve been working on a plan for HS and it is showing 66 minutes of free time, yet the last step is a meal at 5:00 for 60 minutes. I have the plan set to start and end at the park’s predicted hours, so there should be free time after the dinner right?

Can you link the plan here? You can go to edit and share

If you accomplish everything on your list I think the plan would just end, rather than listing the remaining time as free time.


Here it is:

Hmm ok that kind of makes sense. I was thinking that if you wanted the plan to go until closing time, but the last item was before that it would show the rest of the time as free time.

No, but it does give you walk time from the last step to the front of the park.

Interesting. Thanks for looking at it.

I suppose if you wanted it to show all of your free time you could put a 5 min snack/meal with 0 min flexibility right before park close. That would probably generate the free time to show in the step before and still show you walk time from your pretend meal to the front of the park. The TP always ends with walk time out.


Thanks for the tip!