HS TP. Can this be right?

My first 3 steps for my HS tour plan on May 4 is TSMM, Star Tours, The great movie ride.
I tried both relaxed and fast walking and got 32 minute wait for TSMM, 16 minute for Star tours, 25 minutes for TGMR.
Does this seam like an excessive wait for TSMM? I plan on being there at rope drop.
Also why has the times remain the same with both relaxed and fast walking?

“RD” is a broad term. If you are no-kidding one of the first people through the gate and go straight to TSMM, you probably won’t have a 32 min wait. But I’ve seen the pre-RD line stretch almost to the parking lot. If you’re near the end of that line, 32 min might be optimistic. The other times listed are not unreasonable.

I’ve never really paid much heed to the walking time numbers; I just leave it at average. You can set a “fast” speed, but you will only be able to move as fast as the crowd lets you. I find walking numbers are frequently less than what my experience says is “realistic”.

I have found that using TPs as a “strategy” vice a “schedule” is the better way to go. I have NEVER had one work out minute-for-minute for a whole day, and I have rarely been able to do EVERYTHING that the TP says I can do. Using a TP will put you ahead of people who just “wing it”, but if you try to follow it as an absolute schedule you will only become stressed and become more focused on the time than the fun that you are (supposed to be) having. I speak from experience on this…


Considering the wait for TSMM got up to 125 minutes posted wait at 10am when we were there on a Tuesday, yeah, I’d say that 32 min is very reasonable for rope drop. From my experience with using a touring plan, the wait times they calculate for rope drop are considering you as in the middle of the pack rather than at the front of it. If you can and do get to the front of it then you will get to start off with a no wait and then can be ahead of your plan for the next steps as well.