HS TP Advice - Meeting Doc McStuffins

I am putting together my HS TP for April - one of my DD3s few requests for this trip is that she get to meet Doc. We are going on a Sunday EMH morning (current TP has me doing ST, AlienSS, TSM during EMH and a 9am FP for SDD) - the options I am considering are:

  1. I have a 10:10AM Breakfast Res at Hollywood & Vince - which is the latest I could get for Disney Junior Character meal. I didn’t want to lose the 9am hour for rides, we plan to use 8-9 during EMH for rides as well.
  2. Cancel the breakfast (it is an odd time for a meal for us) and plan to do Disney Jr. Courtyard instead.

Questions I have:

  • Disney Jr Courtyard meets aren’t an option in TP or even in the Unofficial Guide - any idea when it is best to visit or how long I should give myself - I don’t think she cares about Sophia or Vampirina that much but she knows them. But she may surprise me.
  • Any opinions on which option you would stick with. We are on dining plan, and I have a SciFi for dinner in case we decide to cancel the breakfast. Though may try to switch to Mickey meal at H&V if I can.

Let me know what you think or what advice you have.


We recently met doc in the courtyard. Her meet opened at 9:30 and we were there about 10 minutes prior and were 2nd in line. Met vamperia later in day and only about 15 minute wait.

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If I remember correctly there will be 2 characters at the courtyard but you don’t know who will be there on any given day. So, if Doc is your priority, I would stick with the breakfast. To us, standing in line to hug Sofia was as important as any ride or show.

Can anyone else confirm this? I know my daughter will want to meet Vampirina, Doc and Sophia.

I also subscribe to Kenny the Pirate’s stuff - he says that Goofy & Doc are in the Disney Jr Courtyard and Sofia & Vampirina are in the Animation Courtyard. Hours are 9:30-6:30 and it is my understanding that they should all be there unless something weird happens.


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I will add you can see Doc, Sophia and Vampirina at Hollywood and Vine breakfast. Which is the whole debate I am having.

Yeah, I am aware of the H&V breakfast, but our plan is to eat a quick breakfast in our room and then get to the parks. An early breakfast at a TS wastes prime park time and a late breakfast doesn’t work well for my kids (who will be 4 and 2 next trip) from an eating schedule perspective. Plus, my wife and I don’t really like buffets.

Sounds like you are facing the same timing of breakfast dilemma.

Yup - exactly my situation. I am definitely leaning toward not doing breakfast at this point. Still working the plan options.

If you’re not too worried about the money I would keep H&V, you will all appreciate the sit down after a couple of hours in the park. We did H&V last trip for the characters and my girls loved it, and DH & I were pleasantly surprised at how much we enjoyed the meal, though that was when the Dis Junior characters were also at lunch. If the price is bothering you then you will be OK just meeting her in the courtyard and i believe she’s at the dance party show too. For our next trip we only need to see Vamperina so we aren’t repeating H&V.


We were there on a super rainy CL 1 day in January so I can’t help with how long the lines will be on a normal day but Pluto, Vamperina, Doc, and Sophia were all meeting. They each have a little overhang area to the right of launch bay. Sorry I don’t know what that courtyard is called.
How far away is your trip? Can you hold onto the reservation until the last minute to make sure they don’t make any changes?

We waited about 10 minutes to meet Doc recently. Sofia took about 20. We skipped Vamparina…
These are pretty quick meets. Even though they sign, they don’t speak so it’s mainly signing an autograph and snapping a few pictures. The lines move nicely.

Can you treat a late breakfast as an early lunch? Still feed kids an item or two in the hotel, but eat a meal at 10:45?

If meeting the characters is a priority (it often is for my kids) I like the guaranteed meet that comes with a meal.

That’s usually my preference also - just so hard to fit in all of the shows - I think HS TP is one of the hardest to make.

Yes And its only going to get harder once MMRR and then SWGE open.

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Did you end up doing the breakfast? If so, how was it? If not, approximately how long did you have to wait in line to meet the Disney Junior characters? My wife and I are trying to finalize which way to go for our trip.

We did the breakfast - it was definitely good - saw all the characters and they spent decent time with us. We were the latest breakfast reservation so they started to change over at the end and the girls next to us got to hang out and play catch with Vampirina. I do think it was a better way to spend the time as we were able to use 9-10 for shorter lines on rides.

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Anymore feedback on the waits for jr characters in the afternoon? I’n Wondering if I can squeeze them in while DH tours Launch Bay for about 30 minutes.

I didn’t do the meets in animation courtyard but the lines were maybe 6-10 deep? You could probably do 1 or 2 in a half hour I would guess but that is just a guess