HS Touring Strategy - Help Please

Hi y’all. I tried to do a touring plan for our day at HS with a CL of 7. I am finding the touring plan a little harder now with trying to incorporate possible LL and ILL. Can y’all help me get a decent idea of how my morning/day would go. We are planning to park hop to Epcot later in the day.

We will be doing early entry at 8AM, buying G+, and buying ILL for Rise. We plan to use BG1 website

We are going to try to get there before 8AM but we aren’t ones who will get there at 7AM…we have a 4 year old with us haha.

1.Buy ILL for Rise with the hopes of getting a time around 12pm
2. Get LL for SDD hopefully around 9AM or 10AM using BG1
3. Get there at 8AM or a few minutes before and walk onto Minnie and Mickey’s Runway Railway and then head over to Alien Swirling Saucers
4. Use LL for SDD and then get LL for MFSR for hopefully around 11AM (or we could try to Toy Story since we are already in the land)
5. Walk around Star Wars and use LL for MFSR
6. Secure LL for Toy Story Mania hopefully around 1pm (or MFSR if we switch it above with TSM)
6. Eat at Docking Bay 7
7. Use ILL for Rise around 12pm
8. Use LL for Toy Story around 1pm
9. Do some shows like Disney Jr, Indiana, Beauty and the Beast

How does this look?

Edited to add…we will be heading to Epcot afterwards. We would love to do remy and frozen with LL. Is that even possible or what should I change up to be able to also get those LL’s with my current strategy?

Thanks so much!!!

I think a key point will be how early you can tap in to SDD. Looking at thrilldata for yesterday as baseline, If you can get a SDD return time before 9 - not too difficult with Merlock - and tap in before 9, you should be able to book again immediately and have a good chance at an MFSR late morning time, and for your 3rd pick an early afternoon TSM is doable.


Please someone correct me if I’m off, but I would consider heading to MFSR stand by first and using the LL for MMRR instead. I think LL’s for MMRR go a bit slower and if you don’t get one for a desired time, the stand by queue later in morning is likely shorter too compared to MFSR.

I found these useful when deciding on the order:

As well as this: Fluctuation in Lightning Lane Return Times | TouringPlans.com Blog

Edit: should’ve posted a link to more recent info on thrill data: https://www.thrill-data.com/waits/park/wdw/hollywood-studios/#ll

While I think it’s true that LL’s for MFSR sell out a touch faster than MMRR, in the OP’s case it would involve some backtracking to RD MFSR, come back to MMRR, and go back to GE for lunch.

FYI, in using historical thrilldata to predict LL return times, my recommendation is to find a day in the recent past that had a similar CL to the day being predicted (in this case, 7), as well as being on the same type of day (weekend vs weekday) and ideally, same G+ price.

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We had a similar RD plan when we went on a CL 9 day last month, so sharing a few experiences based on that (and a previous trip in 2021):

  • If you are using BG1, you have a very high chance of getting an opening time LL for SDD. We always got opening time LL with BG for headliners at every single park, which was fantastic. Yay BG1!
  • MMRR is a good second tier RD plan, but you should know that it’s prone to delayed openings: according to TP/Becky’s weekly data dump, it’s the third worst offender in HS: it’s down 16% of the time during first hour of park operation, see Becky’s summary from the TP blog pasted below. It had a delayed opening on our day, so we pivoted to TSMM. Have a Plan B (and if it’s down, have a plan for when you will get a LL for MMRR later).
  • DB7 is a great QS lunch plan, we loved the food and the theming, though it was crowded at lunchtime. We also enjoyed QS at ABC Commissary for high quality/good value, fresh/healthy food.
  • Shows are a good option for middle of the day, depending on kids’ age/interest, consider adding Frozen and Muppets.


RD data from TP blog:
“Since the beginning of October, % offline in the first hour of operations:
At Magic Kingdom – Splash Mountain (36%), Pirates (34%)
At Hollywood Studios – Tower of Terror (19%), Rise (19%), Runaway Railway (16%)
At EPCOT – Test Track (16%), Frozen Ever After (14%)
At Animal Kingdom – no real issues. Top one is Expedition Everest (8%)”


Protip: when using the LL availability charts from thrilldata, right click click the blue button for the larger annotated version and open in a new tab. That way you can zoom in and if it won’t zoom back out (a problem J find fairly often) you can just close it and reopen a new one. This is especially useful with MK where there are so many rides, but the HS list is pretty long too.

Also, view on landscape if using a tablet or phone and screenshot it to avoid accidental zooms.


Thanks so much for that insight!!

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Thanks for the detailed reply. That’s great info to know about rides going down. We do love both of those quick service restaurants. ABC comissisary is much better than in years past. Those 2 and ronto roasters are our go to.