HS Touring. Says Slinky dog not recommended?

So, I’ve only been a member for about a week. However, I’ve been on here enough to learn the basics and I’ve read most of the book. Anyway, I made my touring plan for HS & it’s telling me this touring plan doesn’t reccommend my slinky dog fast pass due to it causing longer wait times. Lol! How could that be possible? I understand the bigger picture, for example if you don’t go in reccommended order you could miss shorter wait times at other attractions, but seriously? I need someone to explain this. Newbie here needs help. I’m sure there’s a perfectly good explanation… & I just don’t understand :-). Thanks!

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Is this your entire touring plan for that day? I think it wants you to do SDD earlier in the day (no FP), because otherwise it would be the last thing before your dinner reservation and you’d be standing around with nothing to do in the morning. The algorithm distinguishes ‘wait’ time as different from ‘free’ time. Does that make sense?

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Try making a copy of the plan and using the ‘force plan to use FPs’ option under Advanced Options and compare the total wait time of both. Either way you’re going to have a ton of free time.

The optimizer is telling you that it can make a better plan (essentially one with less wait time) by not using your FPP reservation. However, that big problem here is that you do not have enough attractions to fill your day, which will almost always result in plans that do not appear to make sense. Put in (a lot) more things to do, and you may find that it will use your FPP reservation after all.


Where is advanced options @missoverexcited

@brklinck aww gotcha. What do you suggest we add? My kids are 6 & 7. Love rides and all of it. My son loves Star Wars. I don’t think they will do the tower of
Terror lol

you could add some shows in, or if you’re more of a ride based family you could add in rides multiple times. if you want to do slinky dog twice it might have you do it morning and with your fp.

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A lot of kids really love doing the Jedi Training and your kids are the right age. There are also Star Wars characters to meet at Launch Bay.