HS Touring Plan

Can someone give me some insight on my plan please? I put our arrival time at 9:30 because we are going to try to sign up for JT. I know that the whole plan will change depending on if and when we get into JT, but what should I try to get for FP?

It says I don’t have access to the plan. I don’t know how to make it public, it’s something to do with publishing it but I’ve never done it.


The one issue I see is that you really do not have food breaks in your plan. Starring Rolls closes before 4:00 so you have to move that up. You should decide if you want your FPs in the morning or later in the day. You definely should get a Tower of Terror FP and either RnR or TSMM. Since the shows are usually not a great use of FPs I always get Star Tours.

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There is 67 minutes of free time before Sci Fi.

Ok- missed that- is that early enough for Starring Rolls?

I think yes. Personally, if I had to spend whole day at HS- I would change Sci Fi ADR to a dinner time and Starring Rolls to a brunch time.

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Agreed, I would either go straight from Beauty and the Beast to Starring Rolls or go to the Launch Bay and then Starring Rolls, and do Sci Fi for dinner later.

Thanks everyone! I just threw Starring Rolls in there to fill a meal time slot, but good to know that won’t work.