HS Touring plan with SWGE

I’m trying to make a touring plan for HS on January 4th, but optimize keeps splitting up the rides for SWGE. Does it not make sense to do everything in SWGE at one time because of the boarding groups? Also, it does not have to ability to add any of the shops or activities (like building a droid or a lightsaber) as an attraction. I am planning on budgeting a “rest” time into my plan to build a droid and do some other shopping, but how much time should I budget?

If you want to better optimize for walking, as well as waiting, I suggest setting your walking speed to very relaxed, and then have it optimize for walking. It will still pick a plan that is fairly efficient, but it will do much better at preventing you from walking all over the place in the meantime.

After you get a plan close to what you like using Optimize, switch the settings back for the walking speed to relaxed or average and then just evaluate (don’t optimize) going forward.

TP defaults to putting the steps in order by the shortest queue waits - even if this means crisscrossing the park to bounce between attractions. You have to put the steps in the order you prefer and then press “Evaluate”.

Not sure why it is doing this. Savi’s Workshop & etc… were steps that you could add into your TP until recently. I know those steps are still available for Disneyland TPs. Each activity, building a droid / light saber, take about 25 minutes each. I’d plan on 40 minutes to give you time to arrive / check-in + do the activity.