HS touring plan with split up groups

Hi all. First as a newbie, trawling through these topics has been very very insightful and helpful, so thank you.
I need to create a personalised TP for HS but my problem is that we are a family of 5, and 3 of us have a FPass for RockRoller and the other 2 have a FP for TS mania (not exactly the same time but overlapping). My husband and 7year old don’t want to go on RNR and their first choice FP is TSM but me and my older two want RNR more than TSM (we’d like to go on TSM but RNR is more of a priority). Which is why I’ve booked it the way I have
My question is how do I split these FP up on the TP, so it takes account of the fact that we’ll be separated for that half an hour but together for the rest of the day? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Since those two rides aren’t very close together, I’d probably make two separate TPs that are mostly identical except one will be for the 3 with Rock n Rollercoaster and with one for the other two guests/TS Mania. That way you’ll see how long it would take each party to meet up at the next ride.
I’m in a similar situation for next months trip but half our party has FPs for TSMania while the other half has FPs for Alien Spin. I just made one TP for everyone since those two rides are close to each other and don’t show to be taking up much time. (We will probably get both rides done a bit faster than TP is allotting since we will be on them at the same time - but those will just be bonus/exploring/bathroom/buffer minutes! Haha.)

Thank you very much for your help. That makes sense.

Create a Touring Plan with RNR, optimize it until you’re happy. Create a copy of that TP, replace RNR with TSM and evaluate to see if it is reasonable.

I also make a copy, replace attractions, re-order manually so they match, and evaluate instead of optimize. In the notes section within each item I make a note about who will be doing the thing on that TP and who will be doing the alternate.