HS Touring plan on rise of the resistance opening day

Hi there, I have a plan for Dec 5 and it says to go to rise of the resistance in the morning but not at rope drop and that it should be a 158 min wait. Every instinct is telling me we should head to rise of the resistance first as I have heard rumors of 5-6 hour waits. How accurate do you think this plan will be? We are only at HS for 1 day this trip…


If you only have one day to see DHS and want to do RotR the day it opens I would RD. No one knows what that day is going to be like in regards to crowds. It may even have operational issues once it gets started. I’d go ahead and get in line just to be safe.

I’m not sure what time they’ll start to allow people to park and wait at the gate. For the opening of SWGE you could park at 5am, but there were already cars lining the highway as early as 3am.

May the Force Be With You! (You’re gonna need it! :crazy_face:)


Hahaha! Thank you! That is helpful and also a little scary! Should make for an interesting day…

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I agree with darkmite, get there as early as you can and RD it.

Please post with your experience - we arrive on the 5th and are considering whether or not to go on the 6th to RD. Would love to know how you make out on opening day :slight_smile:

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Will do…I was considering driving my car but I may just Uber it…not sure I want to worry about parking if it’s going to be that crowded

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You might want to take into account this news which broke yesterday:

So if there is EMH that day, RotR will have a queue forming during EMH, waiting for the ride to open.

Plus there could be issues with the ride going down during the day.:astonished:

My instinct would tell me to get in the line and wait it out, but that’s just a gut reaction. Reasoning is that it would give the best chance of riding when it opens.

If it’s like the opening of GE, they may let people in 2 hours before the EMH / opening time to start the line inside GE. By then the line for GE was already several hundred long.

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If you do Uber, I would consider taking the Uber to the swan or dolphin and walking over. I’m pretty sure they don’t have security to worry about coming in to the parking lot and then you won’t have to worry about dealing with traffic going directly to HS. The walk isn’t too bad and takes you directly to the main gate.