HS tomorrow HELP!

Okay, I managed to get a FP for SDD for 8:35-9:35 when they moved the opening times a few weeks ago. We will focus on Toy Story in the morning…TSM or A$$ first? Also, what do you do if your BG gets called during your ADR time? Thank you


Can’t help you but hope you report back on your experience!

Talk to a cast member about your ADR. They have been very helpful about accommodating either the BG or the ADR at a different time. Plus with two hours to get back, it’s unlikely you will be completely outside the window.

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Someone with a more authoritative answer may chime in, but you‘ll be able to monitor the BG being called and if it looks like they will conflict, I’d go to the CM at the entrance of RotR and ask them what to do. (I’m guessing they’ll either tell you to be late to the ADR or tell you to cone back after your ADR. I’d just note their name and then do whatever they say.)

We did A$$ at the very end of the day after Fantasmic with little wait. Frankly, it was nice to check off list, but I wouldn’t be willing to wait long to do it. TSM we did three times across 2 days, so I personally would make that my priority.

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LOL… :rofl:

I’ve seen Alien Swirling Saucers abbreviated to avoid this “issue” as AS2

No, no. AS2, not A2S. Case in point: A2 is how you abbreviate Ann Arbor. It isn’t 2A. :slight_smile:

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Are there fellow Michiganders on here??? I haven’t heard Ann Arbor as A2, but I will use it now!

Yes. I attended U of M in A2 (aka as A-Squared), and live just a hop, skip, and a jump away from it now. My DS21 graduated from there 2 years ago, and DS20 is currently attending there. :slight_smile:

There are a few others from Michigan as well. I believe @rebeecky and @jcgoblue are.


Thanks… edited to fix. It was a typo. :smiley:

Actually, I’m from Illinois. But I have family in Michigan!

Ah. Okay. I had it confused. I was thinking you lived not far from where I grew up (which was White Lake). My bad. :slight_smile:

I’ve gotten a lot of “Go Blue!” shouted at me this week in the parks.