HS Studios 1 Day RD plan

I have one day at HS Feb 19. RoTR is a priority so we’ll be mashing the app for a boarding group while trying to RD. Park hours 9-8
the plan: get BG muhahahha

Star Tours
FP RnR is at 9:50-10:50
Standby ToT

Should I FP something like Star Tours and Muppets before RnR to get into bonus territory ? So it would be RD TSL but not ride ASS and try to grab Smugglers Run FP or ToT (or ToT standby) post RnR FP which ends at 1050?.
RoTR BG of course complicates things. We need to do BnB and Indiana but if there is a sacrifice its BnB.
Fantasmic as well at 8 is a given

My feet are sore just thinking about this.

Rock n roller coaster seems like an easy same day fast pass option. They are almost always available. I would try to get that changed to a SDD if possible. We were able to get RNRC and ToT as 4th and 5th FP while we were there last week with CL 8 and 10

I’ve been hitting that refresh for days for SDD, no luck yet!

Over a month… ugh! Nothing as shown up for my week, let alone my day on TheDibb

I had time this morning and I made multiple “fake” TPs using the criteria you provided. I was not able to get all of this done in the morning as you desired on 2/19/20.

If you REALLY get to SDD at RD - like at the front of the pack - you can get there and be done within the first 20 minutes. However, you really have to get to the park an hour early & “walk with a purpose” to SDD. It can be done, but be ready to “throw some elbows” :crazy_face::sunglasses:

My “fake” TPs made for this trip have you RD at SDD then getting to TSMM with an 60 - 80 minute wait. (I’m not 100% certain it will be that long, but probably 40 - 60 minutes.) This means you have to skip ST at that time and rush to RnR to make your FPP - if you can make it on time. I couldn’t in the plan, but it was close.

I have some time today, I work a boring desk job, I can assist you with working on a plan if needed. I’d suggest this what you proposed…

Yes! Absolutely do this! It’s the best way to knock out those Tier 2 FPP so going forward you can get any attraction you want regardless of Tier. I’d go RD SS, FPP Muppets / ST / RnR (at the earliest times you can) then plan on standby for others but trying to get more FPP. The time in your plan dedicated to standby that IRL gets reduced by grabbing 4th / 5th / 6th/… FPPs can be used for you BG time.

Most Excellent!! I’m not saying I’m going to wearing elbow pads but you may not want to get too close. Arm Linkers beware

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There are places you can get “around” the herd by cutting through outdoor seating / bathroom areas. The CMs won’t stop you, but you get dirty looks from those Mom’s & Dad’s that have strollers & etc… that can’t get through there! (I do it anyway since I don’t have small kids anymore!!)

BTW - I’m more than happy to look over your TP if you want to publish it

Anyone know if you can get in the boarding group for ROTR during morning extra magic hours BEFORE the crowd?

You can not. BGs open to everyone at the park’s regular opening time. All guests who you want in your BG must also be inside the park when attempting to get your BG. GL!!

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I will be there this day too. Nervous about BG! Fingers crossed. TP was giving me a high rope drop time as well???


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What is The Dibb?

Smugglers’ Run is currently not a FP ride. I doubt that will change before Feb 19.

The Dibb shows fast pass availability

yip, totally nothing. Its been a week of checking. I grabbed TSM and a Muppets and another throwaway. So now I’m thinking RoR BG, RD RnR/ToT and suck up the wait at SDD. Muppets is 915 TSM 1015. throwaway is 1140. Otherwise its RD SDD, do TSM and change TSM FP to RnR or ToT.

@darkmite2 : is there any groin strain involved and will I look like the Fantasmic exit bench jumpers (not saying I EVER did that )

Nope… You’ll see the places you can cut through. They are closed off areas, just places that have planters / benches / etc… where a stroller can’t go. Plus, so many ppl are don’t know really where they’re going and are following the herd.