HS still worth it in April?

Visiting in April after Stunt show and Honey I Shrunk playground close. Kids (5,8) don’t do scary so we’re not doing ToT. Trying to decide if we should ditch HS and do a 3rd day at MK or keep and have as a light day. (3rd day into 6 day pass). Thoughts? First and most likely only trip. Thanks!

Are they fans of Disney Junior? It is the only park with those characters.

Good thought, but No. We don’t have cable, so their Disney experience is more movie based than TV…

I’m going heading to DHS in April too. I’m sad about the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground as it was my son’s favourite memory from our last trip. However, there are lots of great shows in DHS and I think it is still a park worth visiting. Fantasmic is incredible, and the Muppets, and Little Mermaid. This will be our first time seeing Beauty and the Beast. Even my eight year old boy loved Little Mermaid. Also, I highly recommend the Jedi training but make sure you sign up first thing into the park. DHS may not have as many rides for the kids but it has lots of great shows. Enough that you can’t see them all in one trips. Besides even if your kids don’t want to do ToT you can switch off.

Indiana Jones, Star Tours, Toy Story, Frozen, Little Mermaid, Disney Junior, Star Wars Launch Bay, Aerosmith, Tower of Terror, Beauty and the Beast, Fantasmic, Great Movie Ride… still great park.

For me it is a must do park but RnR and ToT are two of my favorites. With your children unless they offer something else I think you may be right about skipping it. There is so much to see/do in the world.

If your family likes shows, I would still go to HS. Having a light day on day 3 sounds like a good plan, too, so maybe you can plan on going on Toy Story Midway Mania, watching a couple of shows, taking a late afternoon break, and then returning for dinner and Fantasmic.

Still go. We find HS really relaxing and much calmer than MK. MK always seems full of stressed guests compared to HS. We do have Tot and Rnr in our plans x2 but my current April plan runs from 9-7.30 Thats with only 1meal break at the moment but no Disney Jr. The new indoor dance party club looks great for your age group also. Plus there is F! and hopefully SW fireworks. Do a TP and see how it looks.

This is us, too. We have a 6 day pass and are skipping HS all together, unless we decide to do it on our one “open” day when we have no reservations.

All I can see our kids getting out of HS is Star Wars (which, we plan on returning when they are teens, and the new park will be open then) and the Muppets. :shrug: