HS-Star Wars Touring May 2016

Just looking for some advice with our touring plans for our HS visit. We will be visiting Tuesday May 10th on what is predicted to be a CL 2 day. My son is a HUGE Star Wars fan! And since most of our trip is very princess heavy for our daughter this is the one place he gets to see some of his favourite characters. This is our first trip to WDW and we are in a bit of a fog with all the planning.

So this is my HS idea which I’m not sure is a good idea lol because I can’t find any plans that give it any credibility. Although I am aware that the Launch Bay is a new attraction so it might be hard to plan for… I am hoping to go right to Jedi sign up at RD with the kids. And then I was thinking to head right to the Star Wars Launch Bay and do the Star Wars MGs while everyone else is heading to TSMM. I have read that the Darth Vader and Chewbacca meet and greets can have lines up to 30 mins each and then there is also always a posted 20 min wait to get into the launch bay itself. I was thinking by doing this we could potentially cut down on a lot of the Star Wars wait times first thing in the morning and hopefully snag a TSMM FP for later that morning.

So thoughts? Is this a logical plan for HS? It feels like we are wasting a valuable morning hour with low crowds but since Star Wars is a must see for us cutting down on those wait times might end up saving us a lot of time later in the day. But what do I know lol!


Vader is being replaced by Kylo Ren by the end of Feb in LB but will still be at JTA. Can’t acces your plan but yes. Book fpp for tsmm and star tours. I would sign up for Jedi, then possibly have a quick ride on star tours as I think its close to sign up area and will be a walk on then go to Launch bay. That way you will miss the initial rush at LB if there is one. I would allow 90 minutes for launch bay in your plan. Its difficult to plan when you don’t know what your show time will be for JTA but remember you have to be there about 30 mins before. . If your get a really early return time ( happened to us) then you just need to work around it. Disney visa holders will start to hit LB for there M&G opening at 11 so I would aim to bet there by 10. Take small trinkets to trade with Jawas also. We go in April and can’t wait.

One word of advice about tp. They are a tool to help but don’t let following a plan ruin your vacation. They are guides but at times you have to say ok the kids want ice cream, toilet, to sit down, run about chasing each other and its good to go off plan also. Our first visit to AK we went off plan after first ride as DD7 wanted to re-ride Dino instead of going to EE, it was an interesting day and we got most things done just not everything and we had to miss out a few things but I had happy kids. The park I find most difficult is MK I only plan the first 10 or so rides/ shows and fpp then let them chose what to do. Not everyone in all families like being to a schedule all day. Don’t over plan for every minute and put in plenty of breaks also. Enjoy Mx

On your plan if you click on publish and then copy the link we should be able to see it. Currently the reports from JTA are that you can pick what show to come back for. Do you have a Disney Visa? There have been reports that those lines have been short but that would put LB in your plans later in the day.

Thanks for the advice! I am definitely just using the TP as a guideline for the day so I have an idea of what will save us the most time. I’m trying to have my mornings till about 1-2 pm planned and then the rest of the day be more of a play it by ear. My daughter is a free bird so she will only do a few hours of a plan lol. I’ve been watching the LB times each morning and they are pretty low first thing in the day so my plan might work (fingers crossed)
I would love to hear how your April trip goes especially HS and JTA! : )

Hmmm I clicked publish before I posted the links I will check again.
Sadly no we do not have the Disney visa, it’s not available to Canadians as far as I can tell.

I just checked again but I still cannot see it.

I’m curious. How did your Star Wars TP go?

It was actually amazing! I couldn’t have planned it better! We got to the park just before 8 am, and were second in line to get in the park. Me and my husband planned that he would tap his magic band first and go ahead while I got the kids and myself the park and was slowed down by the stroller. They say not to run to Jedi sign up but everyone was so by the time we briskly walked and my husband ran ahead lol we were fourth in line for sign up. We got signed up first for the 10:10 show and headed off before about 845.

The rest of the park wasn’t open yet and we waited with the crowds headed to toy story. When they finally let everyone start moving towards TSMM we broke off from the crowd and went to the launch bay! We were one of the first in there and met Kylo by about 9:05 and Chewbaca by about 9:25. Traded with the jawas looked around and we were off again.

We had to be back for Jedi 30 mins before and the line at that time for sign up was so long it had to have been at least 40 mins just to sign up. We did Jedi training and then headed to our 1030 FPP for TSSM.

It worked out so perfectly we couldn’t have been happier! Jedi training was my sons number one activity he wanted to do at Disney so it was amazing! Getting to the park early is the key for this plan to work so you aren’t spending too long signing up for Jedi training. Thanks for asking I love telling (bragging) people about how well it worked lol! When we were in the park that morning I was floating because I was so happy that my touring plan had worked so well.


That sounds perfect! Isn’t it like capturing magic when all your plans work like that?

Were you tempted to try for TSMM first thing, so you could do it twice?

No we didn’t consider doing TSMM first, we easily could have because we signed up for Jedi training so fast. But it was more important to our son to meet Chewbacca and Kylo without a long line. When checking wait times before the trip it consistently showed 20-30 minutes wait time for each of them and I really didn’t want to spend an hour meeting two characters. Our Hollywood studios day was a Star Wars day for us, everything Star Wars came first and that worked well for us. Our son probably would have done star tours again over TSMM and he really wanted to do Jedi training twice but that wasn’t possible lol.

It really was! Most of our trip was like this, we were able to do so much!

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Thanks, I think my HS plan will need to be very flexible.