HS Star Wars Meet and Greet?

I am planning a trip to Disney in early December. My son wants to meet Chewy from Star Wars. How can this happen? Is Chewy there pretty much all the time? Will I need to make a FP reservation? Does it even need one?

He has a regular meet and greet at Hollywood studios. There is no fast pass line though so you’ll just have to try and catch the line when it isn’t very long and wait.

Chewbacca has been meeting and greeting at the Star Wars Launch Bay in Hollywood Studios since it opened late last year. So far he’s been a constant while the Imperial side opened with Darth Vader and has since evolved to Kylo Ren as the Dark Side greeter. Hopefully for your sake they stick with Chewie thru December. I’ve heard no rumors that it’s going to change at least…

Chewy is in the Launch Bay all day, but the line gets long. Early morning (1st hour?) and late at night are the best bets.

We waited about 40 mins @6pm ish

Thanks all!