HS - So little to do there now!

I just created a TP to see if I could squeeze in everything my wife and I want to do at HS in one evening, starting at 7pm, ending at 12am (includes EMH from 10pm-12am). Turns out, there are only 7 things there that I really feel I must do. Using FPP for 3 of the 7, not only can I get them all in, I’ll still have almost all of the EMH to spare! Here’s the plan if you care to review: http://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=1878273

I’m just amazed how little there is that I care to do there right now. Boy do they need those other lands, badly!


I feel the same way. We might have a 4.5 day trip in November and I’m seriously thinking about skipping HS. My boys love Muppets and Star Wars, but I think I can convince them to put off going to the studios until the new things are built. Maybe. I haven’t broached the subject yet. :wink:

When we went last may we arrived around 8:30 and were out by noon. The nice thing about your plan is you can use some of that EMH time to revisit your favorites. I could ride ToT over and over.

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After our first trip in 2014, I would have agreed with you. Our second trip was 2/16 and I almost didn’t plan a HS day. But we did go, expecting to be only 1/2 day a d then hop over to DS. I’m so glad we went this time around, it was our favorite day and we didn’t leave until 7p! We spend over 2 hours in Star Wars launch bay, my son was able to participate in Jedi training, and the new frozen sing a long was a big hit! The crowds were low so we took our time and hit attractions we hadn’t tried before like muppets and the great movie ride, which were big hits also. We have a preschooler so we did Disney junior live on stage too…again, I almost skipped it but it was really very good. I spent the entire time taking pics of my little guys face as he enjoyed it so much. Starring rolls was great for lunch, and we had a wonderful dinner at 50’s prime, which I think is way underrated! Overall, one of our favorite days this trip!

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