HS, Sci Fi ADR, & Fantasmic DP seat timeframe questions please

With RnR down that means everyone will be heading for TSMM at Rope drop. My plan is Jedi sign up then TSMM twice, the second time with FP, is this now unrealistic please? Happy to wait 20mins for TSMM but not any longer.

Can I turn up to my Sci Fi ADR at 3:40pm with only my youngest and say that the other two will be joining us in half an hour please? If no then can I turn up with both my daughters and say my DH will be joining us later?

Does Sci Fi ever allow a small stroller in? If I was to turn up an hour early for my ADR what are my chances of getting a booth on CL6 day Wed 14th Dec please?

Has anyone been given a Fantasmic DP seat ticket that they didn’t have to use on that particular day please?

I’d say your plan was unrealistic even with RnRC open personally but the 3rd track has drastically improved wait times so maybe I’m being pessimistic.

For ADRs, you won’t be seated until all your party is there. If you say someone is coming in half an hour (or even just in the restroom) you will be asked to let them know when your party is all there.

As you know, my F! tickets were stamped to say valid for 5 days, and other August liners reported the same. Whether this is usual, or permanent, I don’t know. Even if it’s usual now, it doesn’t mean it will be in place when you visit.

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Thank you, If I check into Sci Fi with just the girls, saying we are only 3 now, if DH turns up 30 mins later will they let him join us please?

I don’t know that they would physically stop him walking in and joining you, but 30 minutes after sitting down we were eating dessert. It would be best to all arrive together. Other people may have actual experience with this - we just waited for DH.

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They usually will not seat you if your party is not there.

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Keep in mine too that the car booths at Sci Fi will accommodate an adult and two small children but not two adults and two children so if he shows up 30 mins later he likely won’t have a place to sit. They aren’t particularly roomy.

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Thanks, I will plan nap time later or drop the ADR.