HS Rope Drop Question

Quick question about HS touring plan. I am planning on doing RD at HS and sending my DW and DD to TSMM for standby line while I head to RnR and then ToT single rider. Does that timing sound OK or will they be waiting for me for a while?

Will they have any interest at all in Little Mermaid, or Disney JR? Those are convenient to TSMM and could be a way for them to spend another 30 minutes just in case.

They’ll definitely be done ahead of you. If they are truly near the front of the pack when TSMM opens, they could be done in 10-15 min. Even if you’re one of the first in line for RnRC, by the time you walk the queue, go through the pre-show, ride, and exit, you’re looking at 10-15 min. Then by the time you walk up to ToT, wait in any line that has built, go through the library, wait in the internal line, ride, and exit, it would be 20 min as a best case - probably more like 30 (or longer if one of the elevators isn’t working). And if you plan on meeting them by TSMM, you’ve got a decent walk to get there from ToT.

Bottom line, barring the unforeseen, they will be done well before you are. If I were doing what you plan, I would just plan a meeting spot (I would choose the fountain) for an hour after RD and go your separate ways. This way you won’t spend your time constantly looking at your watch worrying about how long it will take, and it would give DW and DD the freedom to do what they want ; possibly a second TSMM ride, see Little Mermaid, look around in some shops, get a treat, etc.

For the record, RnRC has a single rider line, ToT does not. But I’ve personally never seen the RnRC SRL open right at RD.

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I was just about to say this. Also, even if RnRC single rider is open, it’s usually not that fast.

Thanks all for the info. I guess I got my single rider lines mixed up - I haven’t ridden either one before so I am not missing them this time around. I honestly would have skipped HS all together this trip if it wasn’t for Toy Story so I figured I should ride the other ones for me. I think I’ll just plan on all of us meeting an hour after we split up. Would it be a waste of a FPP for ToT at this time of day? I’m just trying to minimize the time we are split up. We are doing Fantasmic Dinner and I need a FPP for Toy Story again later in the day, but I could probably spare one for ToT if it would help my situation.

I’ve used strategies like the following with much success: http://www.themouseforless.com/blog_world/2016/07/riding-all-5-rides-in-hollywood-studios-in-one-morning/

What else would you be interested in doing later on in the day? If I’m going to be there for the first 3 hours of park opening and plan on staying later then I usually will save my FPP for later in the day when I know the lines will be longer. The way I see it waiting standby 20-30 minutes for ToT is more “worth it” than waiting the same length of time for the Movie Ride or Star Tours… same investment, but ToT or RnR is a higher payoff for me.