HS RD - drive vs uber/lyft?

Hi everyone,

We are planning on rope dropping HS next friday! Would be better to drive (we will have a car) or take uber/lyft? Im worried about traffic getting into the parking lot… We will be staying onsite at gran destino, but don’t trust buses to get me on time for BGs.

Also, what time would we have to arrive if we want to RD MSFR? Is it still better to wait for the afternoon?

Thanks for the help!

If you want to be in control of the situation, drive yourself. I believe they have parking properly staffed and have not heard much complaining about that. (We were able to walk from BC.)

Uber/Lyft is generally a very good alternative, but I have heard of a couple of cases where they were tracking their driver and the driver was obviously already stuck in HS traffic from a previous fare so late fetching them. If you’re going that route, I’d have both installed and set up so if there is an issue, you can switch services quickly.

MFSR waits are generally very long first thing. I believe arriving 90 min or more before opening is recommended to reduce wait time.

We were at security at 625am for 7am opening on a CL7 day and were off MFSR in 90 min. (We really just wanted to get it checked off and were willing to wait longer to have the extra sleep since we had quite a bit of our week dedicated to HS.)

We had been at HS the evening before for Fantasmic and watched wait times before and after and hadn’t seen anything less than an hour. We were also at HS one evening later in the week and checked the wait a couple of times hoping for an appealing re-ride time but didn’t see one (but we were trying to work around Star Wars fireworks and Oga ADR so it wasn’t high priority).

Many people have had success in last half the day, though. I’d just figure out at what point you’ll bite the bullet and just do it regardless of wait time.

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Thanks!! I don’t mind waiting a bit longer for MFSR, I’m just worried about making it to a 945am Riviera reservation (8am park opening), but it seems that as long as ROTR doesn’t mess up the plan, it should work (hopefully…)

I would drive yourselves. We did on 12/28 from Gran Destino (I love that the parking lot there is so close to the main building, and was mostly half full during the busiest week of the year). HS is a quick drive, and the new parking lanes and entrance to HS are so much better than it used to be.

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We did a Lyft on Feb 14th and I was shocked at how long the ride-share lane was to get into HS. If you go that route, just plan on some extra time just in case.

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If your BG looks like it may interfere with your ADR, check with the CM at the RotR entrance on how to handle. They’ve been pretty good at working with people with ADRs inside the park from what I’ve heard (haven’t heard as much about ADRs elsewhere). I think there’s a good chance they’d have you go to your ADR and allow you to ride after your BG window, but just plan to follow what they say and get their name just in case.

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If you have the option of driving, maybe do that due to the rideshare lanes taking some time.

As for MFSR, if you are at the park an hour before opening at what I imagine not to be the busiest time (late feb), I think you should be out of the ride in 90 minutes for your ADR. My experience is based on christmas week which obviously was insanely busy, we RD’d MFSR and it took about 80 minutes from queue to finish the ride and we were 10 minutes “late” (compared to rushing there straight from RD). I doubt it’s worse in february?

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