HS PPO, Jedi Training, EMM- so many things at once!

We have a PPO ADR at Hollywood & Vine at 8:15 June 3rd. We’d like to get there early and hope they seat us early. I know there’s not a TSL advantage with this PPO, it’s not why I scheduled it, but I don’t want to be stuck behind everyone either. Should we be done eating at a certain time so that we are not BEHIND rope droppers? What time do you think they’ll let us in the gates for a PPO ADR?

Second Part- EMM TSL is also going on that morning (we are not participating), so I’m not sure how that will affect my timing either. I’d like to get to HS early enough to be let in the gates, sign up for Jedi Training (will the EMM people mess this up?) and get to Hollywood & Vine by 8 am (or do you think they’ll let us in earlier?). We are staying at AKL, what time do you think we should leave AKL that morning?

So many moving parts… I just want to eat with Vamparina and Rope Drop TSM. Help!

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I think even if you rush through your breakfast you’d be hard pressed to get out of there before 8:30. Not sure what time they are letting people through the taps and holding at Chinese Theater but if think maybe by 8:30 on a 9 open they might be. Maybe not with EMM though. But if they are you’d certainly be lined up behind all of the RD crowd.

I will say that EMM was worth the money for us. It comes with breakfast and the early access to TSL was worth the avoided stress of trying to RD with all of our kiddos.

If that’s out of your budget and you really want that character breakfast maybe try to push it just before open (say 8:55) and get to the park by 7:45 to check in for breakfast, sign up for Jedi Training and then line up at the front for TSL RD. If you’re at the very front, I could see you being able to ride Slinky before your ADR (I think they let RD crowd in around 8:50 on our EMM day) and then getting FPs for TSM after breakfast, scheduling your other FPs early and trying to pick up a 4th FP for Saucers at the 12:31 or 2:31 drops.

We were at HS on 3/4. There was EMM that morning and we arrived around 8:15 (maybe a little earlier) and they were already letting people in and holding them at the Theater. There was already a large crowd waiting to get into TSL. We went straight to sign up for Jedi Training and then headed over to TSM before 9:00. I am not sure what exact time they started letting people in TSL but it was definitely before 9:00. The line for SDD was already an 85 min wait by the time we got over there. Our plan was just to ride TSM since we had FPP for SDD later. We rode AS2 on a previous day and didn’t really enjoy it so we skipped it this day.

I would definitely sign up for Jedi Training before your breakfast. You can have someone take the kids to sign up and then another adult can check in at H&V.

So you got to sign up for Jedi before official park open? We have a similar situation in a couple weeks, EMM day at HS, we want to arrive at 8:15-8:20, sign up for Jedi asap, then head to TSMM. We planned to do SB for ASS later and have FPP for SDD (and will try to score a second ride at the drops). I was under the impression that I wouldn’t be allowed to sign up for Jedi until 9 and then would have to hustle over to TSMM. If you can sign up earlier, then I could probably get TSMM and ASS done and head out of TSL to get to our RNRC FPP by 1030. How was the Jedi sign up line at RD?

Yes, we signed up for Jedi before the park was open. There was already a line when we got through bag check and made our way over there around 8:30. The line moved fast and we could pick any time slot we wanted for the 6 kids in our group. Right after we regrouped and noticed people walking into TSL so we headed over. I looked at my watched on the way over to TSMM and it was 8:54. Our wait for TSMM probably would have been 10 minutes but the ride kept going down so we waited about 20 minutes.

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That cannot be the acronym for Alien Swirling Saucers. I just busted out laughing while my students were taking a test.


It’s the worst! In another post I recently… posted… I definitely used the sentence “I have no problem scratching ASS.” I was referring to the fact that I can scratch it from my plan, but I definitely got called out for that one!!! :rofl:


some refer to it as AS2 but really, just call it what it is :laughing:

I was just about to reference that post :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Well, now that we all agree I should never use A.S.S. again :rofl: , let’s get back to the task at hand. :slight_smile:

If we get to HS early, sign up for Jedi before eating, head to Hollywood & Vine at 8 am. Let’s say my kids are slow and we don’t finish eating until 8:45-9 (not ideal). If we head straight to TSM at 9, do you think a 20 min wait is a reasonable expectation? Or will it be way longer?

Also, do you think being at AKL bus depot for Hollywood Studios at 6:30 that morning is the correct time frame?

Whats worse staying there or riding it?

I think 20 mins for TSMM if you arrive at 9am is right, as in worst case scenario, though EMM might increase that a bit, I wouldn’t choose the 9:40am Jedi show. I’d be at the bus stop by 6:50, or a bit later and be prepared to order an uber if you’ve just missed a bus.

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I think if you head over to TSM right before 9:00 a 20 minute wait is a safe assumption.

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