HS planning question

Trying to plan our day at Hollywood Studios. Will be there prerope drop and trying to have a plan: would we be able to do Slinky and possibly Toy Story Mania and sign up for Jedi training? We’d like to ride those early and FPP later but I think Andie (she’ll be 3) would love the Jedi training!

Are you planning to sign her up to participate or just to watch one of the Jedi training shows?

Participants have to be 4 years old (up to 12 years old).


And from all I understand, they will ask her how old she is, so unless she is accustomed to telling everyone she is 4, it’ll be hard to slip her in.

Good to know. I didn’t realize they had to be 4. That makes planning easier!!! We’ll add that to things to do the next trip. :slight_smile:

@MelodyGallimore- I’ve been closely following any HS reports/info, since I wasn’t able to get fpps for SDD til the evening.

This morning on Lines, a fam got there at 9am RD, 1 hour wait for SDD.

My plan is to get there at least 1/2 hr b4 RD at tapstyles, to be at front of crowd. Sounds like bag check is very slow also. This plan seems to be working the best from what I’m hearing so far.

Also, there’s construction obstruction at walking path and at bus stops, so I’m building in extra walking time from Dolphin.

Usually takes about 15-20 mins for us, walking with purpose. So I’m planning on about a 30 min walk to entrance of park.

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