HS Plan with EMM

FPP day is tomorrow which means this morning DH drops another one of his “why don’t we…”

Our first park day is HS and we want to hit it hard since we’ve never been to that park in all of our trips down there. With TSL it finally makes sense. My kids are big fans of riding rides back to back. Case in point, last month at Legoland we rode Coastasaurus, the VR coaster and Ninago 3 times in a row and they could have gone more.
So, new plan is to buy the EMM and ride the TS rides and meet Jessie and Woody until we can’t take any more. Grab a quick bite to eat and then beat the crowds to the Jedi Training sign up. Then take in some shows (probably cancel our Sci-Fi noon reservation and grab a snack sometime) head back to the Poly for a little down time. Then return around 6 and do one of the last Jedi Trainings , have a 6-7 FP for RnR and do the VIP seating thing for Fantasmic (we already bought these, want to avoid a long wait and my kids always want snacks during fireworks anyways)

Anyone see any major flaw in this thinking? We are only doing Star Tours and the Jedi Training since my kids aren’t really into that and we are skipping ToT

A few things I’d do differently:

  1. at about 8:30. I’d go to Jedi Sign up.
  2. after that, I’d go to the rope holding the emm folks from rnc, and get on the first run of rnr of the day.
  3. I’d try my hardest to get them on TOT after RNC.
  4. Try again to get them on TOT.
  5. Go eat the breakfast. (Don’t sleep on the shrimp n’ grits if it’s still offered!)
  6. Modify your fastpasses, and see if you can’t crush multiple rides while you’re there. You might be able to do RNC / Star Tours / TOT (if you want) several times, and then still even score a rnc for later in the day when you return!
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If you want a “Ride Oriented” day at HK, I think @seebee has a pretty good plan.

Hear, hear!

All of my kids did ToT quite young (6 or 7) and enjoyed it. My wife convinced my DS6 to ride it on our last trip by saying SHE’D ride it if he did. She had never been on it (too scared) and was shocked when he agreed. While my wife didn’t LOVE it, she found it was not as scary as she thought. And my DS6 said he’d do it again.

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yeah, my guy just turned 5 a few weeks ago and while he loves big thunder etc. he isn’t into anything “scary” doesn’t like dark rides, hates the thunder and lightening in Pooh so no go and DH and I have a solo trip to Universal in the spring so I think if we like it a lot we may hit HS on one of our off days so it’s not a big deal if we skip ToT this go round but we want to do all the kid stuff for sure. My DD8 will be bummed to miss Tot I’m sure once she sees it but I know she’ll appreciate some pool time and a dole whip at the resort more
Alright, just wasn’t sure if the EMM was worth it but I think multiple rides on SD and TSM and the early chance of Jedi training is worth it alone…

oh yeah, plan on being jedi early actually way before we eat. Eating can wait :slight_smile:
Glad to hear the shrimp and grits are well received, they looked good on the TP video!

You can also sneak in at least one turn on rockin coaster too, if you want. You will be lead there by a cm if you go to the corner. They will let you stay ahead of the rd crowd.

If you have no intetest in tot, get a ride on rockin coaster, and if you have memory maker, get photos at all the spots on the street when you get out of rockin coaster on your way to the commissary. I’ll bet you’ll be able to walk onto st once or twice before breakfast if you want, as well.

good to know, thanks. We love using the photo pass since it is usually only time the four of us are in a picture together.
Now time to figure out the parking lot/ bus drop off since I’ve heard its a hike and decide if we are going to take an Uber or if you still have to take a trek over to the entrance.