HS plan... thoughts... help...LOL


I will leave opinions to the experts but just wanted to say HS is so difficult to plan with JTA!!

What are you doing from 5:00- almost 8:00?

@missoverexcited is absolutely right about JTA. We were there in January, value season, basically at rope drop, and by the time we got over to the sign up, there were hundreds of people in front of us. If we were lucky, we may have gotten our DD in for one of the last shows of the day. The CMs seemed dubious about it though given the length of the line. So, no JTA again for us.
I’m not suggesting that you rush though your breakfast but you have a distinct advantage of already being in the park pre-RD.
Keeping that block between 5-8 can be your back up plan if you have to do a later JTA.


@PrincipalTinker no real plans, and I have fantastic listed if we can’t make it the first night we are there.

Good idea @disney1974

I thought Jedi Academy was only available during star wars weekends?

No it’s every day for about 12 shows. You can only fight Darth Maul during SWW though.

I WOULD say rush the breakfast! Eat those pancakes in record time! Okay, so since it’s buffet you won’t have to wait so the rush may not be extreme. Assuming this is not an EMH day for HS, you are in a great place to actually be able to get in the JTA line near the front! Did you leave Star Tours out of this TP on purpose?

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I don’t know why people call this a half day park. I haven’t been there but I have one evening of riding rides, one morning through lunch of doing just shows, an early morning to ride tsmm and anything we want to repeat and then our last night to watch fantasmic.

I haven’t officially decided on Star Tours just yet, I will probably get motion sickness…maybe ill add it in just in case…I booked the H&V breakfast at this time for the sole purpose of getting a jump on the sign up line. hopefully my plan works out well. LOL

I just noticed your date…we have HS planned for the EXACT SAME DAY! But with tons of Star Tours, my sons favorite.

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