HS Plan 6/4/2015

Any help is appreciated

I used comp tickets for this date 6/4/15 and have tried everday from 30 days out to make FP reservations and the fastpass system would not let me until today. So, the selections were not so great.

3 adults and one 7yr old

In order for us to be able to view the plan you must “publish” it (under edit basic info) and then post the link that it gives you.

sorry about that just copied the wrong link http://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=1271870

You have a lot of Free Time in this plan, so you can add more attractions and optimize again. Once you have done that, you may find a better FPP opportunity than Disney Junior that you will be able to book.

I see in your notes for FP+ that you have ToT 10:30am but it is not in the actual plan.

sorry hopefully I have all of this correct now

You still have a lot of Free Time - so you can add a few more attractions. Also, what happened to Tower of Terror? You have Toy Story twice now.

no one really wanted to ride Tower or Terror so I just deleted it. We do want to do Toy Story twice but would it be better just to try to ride it back to back rather than walking all the way to Rock N Roller Coaster then back. I am open to any suggestions! I dont think I want to add anything else at this point just try to better minimize walking time and take things a little slower pace.

I think that you are better off doing TS the way you have it in the plan. However, you have over 4 hours of unused time in your plan, including a 2 hour block, which is a lot of time to kill if you aren’t doing any other attractions.