HS Plan 6/4/15

I am now onto HS planning

Myself, Husband, 17yr old and 7 yr old
Crowds- 6

Thank you for everyone’s help thus far with park plans!
This one I am uncertain about morning plans. My thoughts were -
Go to Toy Story first, then straight to Rock N RollerCoaster
Do a rider swap at Rock N Roller Coaster
FP Tower of Terror for just the husband and I
Then back to Toy Story w/ FP
Then FP Frozen
That would use all 3 FP up that morning

I would have alot of time after dinner before Fantasmic. We had thought about leaving for dinner out of the park and coming back but not sure I want to do all that. But Im also not sure how to fill the time between dinner and Fantasmic.

Can you do a rider swap for RnR? Is your 7 year old not tall enough to ride?

One thing that I noticed is that you have overlapping FPP reservations - you can’t have an 11:45 and a 12:10 as they need to be at least an hour apart.

If you change fpps to 10:00. 11 and 12 that would fit in all 3 attractions since it’s within the hour.

He is just a little over 47 inches w/ shoes on. I was thinkin the height requirement was 48 inches. So do you think I would be save in depending on the child swap?

Thank you for the FPP recommendations! I didn’t even notice the overlap. I am completely new to this so am still learning!

If he is under the height, you should be fine. I do question if the amount of time allotted is enough time for two rides? Although your FP after is a window that allows you flexibility.

It doesn’t look like you’ve included Lights Motor Action in your plan. I’m not sure of the times for that day. If you want to add it, you might have to add it earlier in the day and then do a ride from earlier after dinner. It’s a fun show if you’ve never seen it. Not something I’d do twice but lots of fun once, especially for the 7 year old. And DH and DS17 might like it too.

Thanks. Yes we have seen this show a couple of times so decided to skip it this trip!