HS or MK on an EMM morning

Would you RD HS or MK on an EMM morning (the paid event) if you were not going to the event or would this complicate matters? Especially worried about HS as we could RD the “other side” of MK that day to avoid EMM in Fantasyland. It’s still far enough out (140ish) that we could rearrange a couple of days easily.

Yes. They hardly sell any tickets and the only reported effect on RD is that the rides don’t open up early to people not doing EMM. So if you were doing BOG breakfast for instance hoping to do 7DMT before 9, you can’t. But you’ll be allowed to line up so you’ll still beat the RD crowd.

Ok. That sounds good. Just saw my HS day has EMM now and started to worry. Gotta ride that SDD at RD and with FPP–so much fun.

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