HS or Epcot w 2 and 6 year old and parents?

We’re Fl residents and went once last month to MK and AK. We had a great time and learned that my 6 year old is a dare devil (though probably shouldn’t have ridden Everest before knowing it went backwards in the dark, lol). We’re going back in early June with my parents. Definitely doing MK but have one more day to use. I can’t figure out if we should do Epcot or HS!!!

Pros/Cons of HS: He will not do tower of terror and might be too short for the rock n roller coaster AND Toy Story might still be down to one track and/or stand by only?? If we rope drop we might get Toy story and Jedi training and both kids will love the shows. But everything I hear is that HS is really only half a park these days.

Pros/Cons of Epcot: He’ll definitely want to do Soarin, Test track, and Elsa. But honestly, I’m not sure what else there is…My parents might enjoy it more, but we don’t have park hoppers, so I can’t “see” the whole day there.


One vote for Epcot, a lot more to do FW then in all of HS if ToT and RnRC are off the table.

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I vote for Epcot. For littles, Living with the Land, Finding the Seas with Nemo, Turtle Talk with Crush, Club Cool, Spaceship Earth, and Journey into Imagination, the boat ride in Mexico are all attractions everyone can do. Plus all of World Showcase. So much more to do at Epcot. I’m taking a 7 day trip this spring and not even planning on the studios at all.


can you park hop? If so start at HS and then book your FP’s for EP

Nope, otherwise that would be a good strategy!

Do 2 TP’s and see which you prefer

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Besides the rides listed by @duffybear above, there is a ton of entertainment at Epcot in the World Showcase, and most are outdoors so your kids can dance around and be a little noisy. My kids particularly like the drummers in Japan and some of the live music in Canada and the UK. I think most people don’t take the time to delve into the pavilions, but even the gift shops have cool things to see (like the huge troll in Norway). Also the Kidcot stops are fun if your 6yo likes to color.

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A boy? Epcot! Test Track would be enough to win him over. With Soarin and if he would want to do Elsa that is a clear win. It was my kids favorite park. Which surprised me bc I thought for sure it would have been last. I almost didn’t go to it. Unless he’s a die hard Star Wars fan.

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I was going to recommend HS, but you’re right that it isn’t the best time to go. Perhaps after Toy Story Land opens it will be better (not to mention Star Wars land…but that’s a ways off still). (Keep in mind, my six year old road ToT, no issue. It really isn’t that scary, even from a ride perspective. My son came home and we were immediately forced to rent the ToT movie, which he watched ad nauseum becuase he liked the ride so much.)

I think Epcot is a better choice, however. Mission Space is also at Epcot. A few of the other things (Spaceship Earth, The Seas) are also interesting even if not the most exciting. Also, assuming they are still doing it, you can do the Perry adventure in the World Showcase (if your son likes Phineas and Ferb).

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Thanks, everyone, this is awesome advice! Epcot it is!!

I agree with all of this; there is a lot more for kids to do/see in EP than in DHS as it currently exists.