HS or Epcot on arrival


We are going for our first WDW trip Oct 6-14. We’ve got 8 days of park tickets and are staying at POP. I’ve planned for two days in each park except HS.

The trip with me, my husband, and my 16 year old stepson. I’m WAS planning to go to Epcot on our first day. We should be able to be at the park by 4:30. Now, I’m wondering if we should do HS on arrival day instead.

We are a Star Wars family, but there are not any special events there during our trip. I don’t expect we’ll be interested in Anything in Toy Storyland except for TSMM. I am a huge MGM movie fan, so I will love seeing those things - like the Gene Kelly umbrella, etc. We’ll also want to see Indiana Jones.

Should we only go to HS on arrival day and leave a full day for somewhere else? Or, should we go to Epcot on our first day and have two more days in that park?

So arrival day is extra to the 2 days in each park, 1 day in HS you already have planned? Personally I’d probably go to HS because it’s our favourite park and 1 day isn’t enough.

I don’t think the Singin in the Rain umbrella is still there.

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Yes, arrival day is extra. That’s too bad on the Singing in the Rain umbrella. Gene Kelly is my favorite actor. I’ll survive though. Lol.

Thanks. That sounds like we definitley need a full day at HS. I think I’m at the stage of planning where I rethink everything. Lol

If you are Star Wars fans you will definitely want more time. You can see the Star Wars night time show, Star Wars: a galaxy far far away show, march of the storm troopers, spend time in launch bay, meet Chewie and others, star tours. Then there are the other very cool shows like Indy. Plus I wound think that RnR and ToT are on the list for your stepson. Add in a meal at maybe SciFi and that is really a full day! If you end up there for two nights you can see F! And maybe consider MM, we loved our meal there.


Great! Thank you guys. I’m going to stick with a full day there. The touring plans book said you can get by with a half day, so I started second guessing lol.

I appreciate the help!

Full or 1/2 day I think is all about the shows & meals that you are interested in. I went in Jan and did a full day (with a 3 hr break) plus another day with morning EMH where I stayed until noon.
Just me & my BF and we didn’t do ToT or RnRc so I would look through the TP page on HS attractions and shows - there is a lot more than you think, especially since you haven’t been. I think that since the shows have been the same for a long time, if you have seen them before, or just are not a fan of them, that would really cut down on how much time you would spend there.

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