HS on Extra Magic Day or Resort Day?

I need advice from more experienced Disney go-ers! We arrive at BCR in late April on a Sunday morning, we were planning on checking in and heading into HS for the day. However, I see that they have EMH that day…and we wouldn’t be getting in until after 12. My husband, almost 3 year old, and I will be travelling. DH wants to do Smuggler’s Run (hopefully FP+) and I want to hit Toy Story land for rides. Other than that, we plan on just walking around GE, doing Beauty and the Beast, and Lightening McQueen’s Race Academy.

We have a resort day planned in the middle of our week to rest and let our son take it easy. I’m considering giving up that day (or at least the morning) to go to HS instead. Any thoughts or advice? Thanks!!

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The EMH will likely be moved to the evening closer to your date, so it might be quite a good day to go. As long as boarding groups are in effect, they’re unlikely to have morning EMH.

If either of you want to do Rise of the Resistance, then you’ll need to get there for park opening, but if not then I’d leave your resort day in the middle

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Agreed. It would allow you twice the FP to do HS for part of your resort day (and a shot at a boarding group for RotR if you like) as well as arrival day. With the tier structure in place, that gives you excellent ride options. If you’re planning to rider swap, you’ll already have extra waiting around time, so certainly helps to minimize any regular line time.

So for the HS/resort day, you’d read up on BG acquisition strategy. Be there at opening, have 3 morning FP lined up, then go back to the resort to relax and monitor whatever BG you got (unless it’s early enough to stick around for),

To be clear, are you going to make your arrival day that Resort Day instead?
If that’s what my choice is, I am pushing HS to take over that mid-week break day. I’ll make my arrival day the Resort Day and get settled in, explore BCR, take advantage of the resort activities, do pools, ride the skyliner, and get to bed early so that I’m rested up for the upcoming week in the park.
By going to HS later in the week, this gets me a chance at better FP options for HS … my Tier 1 options on arrival day are going to be slimmer right at 60 days. And there’s the RotR boarding group option I now get.
But what I really want: go both days. I can make both days shorter days that in themselves are more restful/less stressful. The add’t cost of extra park days get so much cheaper after the initial four days.