HS on a Saturday? Is this crazy talk?

Hi All,
Another website which shall not be named is recommending doing HS on a weekend since they, in theory, are at capacity every day anyway. Have any of the recent trip reporters done HS on Sat in the past two weeks? I’ve been reading along with them but absolutely couldn’t think back on who was at which park on which day.

My trip is the first weekend in Nov (RIP wine and dine half 2020). Original plan was to keep HS and MK during the week since it seemed that AP holders attend those parks the most so:
Sat: AK (my fav)
Sun: Epcot
Mon: MK
Tues: HS

Now this other blogger is all in my head and I’m considering:
Sat: HS
Sun: AK
Mon: Ep
Tues: MK

I completely realize this is all wild speculation since 7 weeks during COVID time is like 5926 years BC (before covid) and anything can happen between now and then.

Input is much appreciated! Thank you!


I have not been since COVID, but I see the logic. DHS is always at / near capacity so I’m not sure if it matters what day you go. Maybe it’s a little “less” busy on a Tuesday?

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I think the reason a weekday may be less busy than a weekend is because while each of the days may be filled to park capacity, that doesn’t mean that the parks are full to capacity all throughout the day.

Locals are less likely to be able to go during the morning/early afternoon hours on a weekday versus a weekend, yet they still take up a park pass. So, the park itself may never actually fill to capacity on a weekday even if they have booked all the park passes.

Weekends, locals would be more likely to go for the whole day, which means the average attendance at any point throughout the day is likely higher on weekends, making them, in effect, “busier.”


I have had a similar dilemma so I’ve put some thought into it. I don’t think you’re going to see much variability in the crowds or wait times at HS no matter what day you go, that is true, but it is selling out on the weekends and isn’t really doing the same during the week. I also don’t think doing AK on a Saturday versus a Sunday is going to be that much different.

But the truth is that no one really knows – and things could be way different in November. If I were you, I’d personally go with option one that you originally had planned.

Good points, Ryan

I think I read the same blog post, yesterday. Another thought… if HS is going to be full no matter what, maybe it’s better to go somewhere that WILL be slow during the week days. That way, you get at least a couple of slower park days. HS will always be bad, but AK on a Tuesday is maybe better than AK on a Saturday. ? I dunno.
I’ll be happy to hear some more data from the Touring Plans folks before having to make a real decision.


We went to DHS on Sunday, got on every ride, some multiple times. Just not Rise as it was having a lot of issues that day.

…and now on our second day at DHS and currently sitting on the ground in the Rise queue :crazy_face: We have been waiting 20-30 mins already. …it’s currently down.


Thanks for the info. I hope you were able to get on rise!

We did😀 Seemed busier today. We walked on to Rockcoaster, then Tower of Terror. Waits were 50/40 mins after we got off😟 Went to Rise (we had BG 6) then Toy Story Mania. Took Skyliner to the Boardwalk Bakery for lunch as DHS is pretty limited on food options. Then went on TSMM again, Slinky Dog (40 min posted, was 30) in the nick of time - went on TSMM again and came out and it was raining. SDD closed shortly thereafter. Went to Rockcoaster again (25 min posted) while getting poured on, After that we decided we were done. Shoes were soaked. It was almost 5 pm anyways.


I kind of get it. If HS is busy no matter what, do MK during the week to avoid the weekend crowds that it has had the last few weeks.

The park hours keep changing every week, so this could all change tomorrow. I probably wouldn’t worry about it too much. I’d likely monitor the hours and change if I can if it gets me more hours at one of the parks.

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