HS Nighttime Entertainment & Hours - I'm confused and annoyed

We will be at DHS on 11/30. As of now park hours are listed as 9a-7p. We’ve never in five trips been to HS when they closed at 7pm so I’m a bit confused as to what’s changed…they’ve always closed at 8-8:30 or 9 - or even 10:30 (but that was probably EMH) when we’ve been. I know that can very based on the day but 7 seems early to me.
Second thing, Fantasmic is listed at 7pm that day, is that correct even though the park closes at 7? And more importantly (to us, lol), the Star Wars fireworks, are not listed STILL for that day as far as what time…super annoying when trying to plan…does anyone know what time I can perhaps expect that to be? And does it in fact overlap w/ Fantasmic? If so I think that sucks but we’ll likely make SW a priority. Sorry if this came across a little ranty and negative, I’m just a little over all the EMH changes (got a BOG 8:20 breakfast then MK added 8am EMH that day :angry: ) , park hours updates/changes, parade cancellations etc…

My HS hours were updated about 6 weeks before my trip. That is when they opened the dessert party and finalized the time for the FW. It is very frustrating! In 2014 HS during two trips (October and December) closed pretty early. I have been annoyed in the past with it closing before it is dark enough to do ToT at night. I would expect at least 8:00.

I know, it is so annoying! We are going almost two months before you (Oct 3rd), and Disney hasn’t even released the fireworks schedule for that day yet…!

Nothing helpful to add, other than “me too”! You’re going just a few weeks after we are, I remember from ADRs. I keep working on my DHS touring plan in prep for FP day and it’s so annoying to try to figure out! I keep thinking surely we’ll have more time, but it’s not guaranteed. So many things are on the maybe-do list! Including the fireworks and lots of shows! Frustrating.

I am planning two evenings in DHS during our trip around Halloween. Once for Fantasmic and once for SW fireworks. I definitely need to see both and don’t want to take the chance that the overlap will ruin wither for me. One day will be the back end of hopping from another park where we go catch the fireworks. The second day will be the half day that I am spending in DHS. Half day is more than enough for what we need to do. and that includes a Fantasmic dining package meal at Mama Melrose.

I feel exactly the same! I love planning and organizing the whole trip…to a point, and I think that point is now when my FP date is (sort of) approaching (Sept. 29) and I just want to make sure the parks are opening/closing when I think they are! I’m a little stressed about HS day b/c my kids want to do JTA, which is fine, we’ve done it before but hoping what I’m reading here on the forum is still the case when we go in that even if we don’t have a pre-RD breakfast they may still let us in a bit early to sign up and then just hold us at RD area. We do have a H&V breakfast, but it’s at 10:30. We actually don’t want an early breakfast that day, we want to just arrive for RD and enjoy the park for a bit until breakfast that particular day. I’m really eager to see when the SW fireworks are though. Tag me if you find out soon before I do! :smiley:

Good plan! I feel like they may overlap…or enough that as you said, could be racing from one end of the park to another. No thanks, lol.

Ugh really?! That’s not even 2 months from now! I just really wish if we were forced (okay, not really but if you want to plan certain things, yes, forced…) to plan meals, therefore in some scenarios which park to visit, for that day 180 days out, that we could have reliable, concrete info. far out as well.

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Same here, I would expect at least 8:00! And thanks for that bit of info., I will do a double check at 6 weeks or so. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone, I just had to air that out today. I always put so much time into the planning for our Disney trips and I hate to feel like wrenches are constantly thrown into the mix lol. I think the end of MSEP this week was what push me over the edge! Ok…rant over! :wink:


Preach on Haylekk, I feel the pain and the frustration! !!

I’m right there with ya!! KTP just had a post that they updated hours for Sept to January but nothing during my stay! (Oct 14-18) Looking back at the times for last year during this time the parks were open alot later. Hoping they update soon!!

I’m glad I’m not alone. I’ve been ranting and raving about the overlap of Fantasmic and Star Wars fireworks. Fantasmic is always a don’t miss for me but I’ve been itching to see those fireworks too. Hopefully they’ll fix this issue but it’s really had me worked up. I feel like after spending $100+/person at a park with only 3 or 4 real major attractions left, I shouldn’t have to choose which nighttime show I see.


I agree 100%! Love my Disney but wouldn’t mind slightly less stressful planning, lol.

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I have the same issues expressed here. Thanks all for posting it helps knowing I’m not the only one frustrated while trying to plan.

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You’re definitely not! It can be super frustrating when planning so far out.

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