HS nightmare...we're focused on food

Reading all about the Chaos that is HS right now makes me worry about our trip March 18-24. Spring break…it’s looking a bit scary in touring plans.

We’re only spending 4 days in the parks. Planning on doing early mornings at all 4 parks, breaking in the afternoon, and evenings at another park. We’ve been many times before. But we haven’t experienced Star Wars, MMRR, or Toy Story Land at HS. Honestly I’m counting on Disney adding an after hours event at HS, otherwise we likely won’t get to see much of the new attractions.

We’ve decided to not worry about what we can’t control. And instead focus on another area of Disney we love. Food! We’ve booked 4 TS dinners so far:

Jiko -my favourite on property restaurant - a must for every trip
Flying Fish - We haven’t been here yet. Planning on eating dessert at the New Beaches & Cream.
Topolino’s Terrace - Very excited about this one! Hope to catch fireworks from this new vantagepoint
Citricos - Not as excited about this one…but its a family favourite, and we’ve got a dessert party at MK!

Any other favourite TS for our other 2 nights? How about snacks in the parks when the lines are just too crazy to go on rides?

California Grill. I love jiko too but cali grill is my favorite.


I would book B&C if you can, unless you just plan to get ice cream to take out. Not sure how much of the menu you can buy at the counter, I know there’s no kitchen sink for example.


My DH the foodie likes Ohana as a repeat every trip.


The combination of Nomad Lounge and Tiffins

The Cochinita Pibil at Frontera is excellent, but heed the warnings about the habanera salsa

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Love Tiffins and Hollywood Brown Derby. Both have delicious lounges too if you don’t want to do another sit down signature.

My new fave in MK area is Geyser Point over at Wilderness Lodge.