HS mornings, park hop afternoons?

4 girls should love Toy Story land and Frozen sing a long, and new railway. That’s about it at HS. I would ask why the emphasis to get on ROTR? maybe focus more on their age appropriate attractions, at other parks, this year and ROTR next trip when they are all a little older.

A 1-year-old probably isn’t going to be able to ride RotR but there is a good chance the 10-year-old will love it!

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I am trying out this exact plan the first week of January. I will try to remember to update here on how it went. If you don’t hear from me, feel free to reach out!


We had Park Reservations for HS two days this week (1/3 and 1/5) and got ROTR boarding groups both days (6 and 26 respectively). This worked out very well for us as we hopped to Epcot in the evenings for dinner and snacks. I would keep a full day reserved for MK as we hopped from AK to MK a little before 2PM on another day and I found MK a little too crowded to be enjoyable. I prefer to rope drop MK for the headliners but we didn’t have the luxury of a full day in MK and AK so we opted to rope drop AK for FOP.


Congrats on the BGs! Any tips? Did you have any trouble going through the screens?

I have had practice as this was my 3rd trip since ROTR opened and that certainly helps. I rebooted my phone, turned off WIFI, made sure I had a strong cell signal, used a world clock and hit JOIN at exactly 2 seconds before 7:00. When I stayed at Pop I had to go outside to get a strong signal. This time I was at Riviera and the signal was fine inside the room.


I’m now debating changing my Epcot morning to MK. I think we will want two mornings there. I’m wondering if we could hop to Epcot a couple of evenings to get the rides done there through the week.

I am all about the kids at Disney, but I do like to ride my favorites at least once. I really want to ride ROTR. We haven’t been to either park since GE opened. If we get a boarding group the first day, I may change our second day at HS to another park depending on my kids vote.

(We plan on rider swapping every ride with a height requirement)

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I talked with my girls a bit about the ride to prep them. My 5 and 7 year olds wanted to watch a video. They checked a couple times that they couldn’t get hurt and the lasers weren’t real we had to watch it twice. :laughing: but my 10 year old wanted it to be a surprise.

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We are here now (mid Jan 2021). No special tip needed. Group of 5, three of us tried. All 3 got the blue"join"

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so with 3 trying you were able to get a boarding group? i’m trying to decide how many need to try in our group of 4.