HS morning EMH removed going forward

I was just notified that all HS morning EMH were removed and shifted to the evening. Also staring in Feb. it looks like the park won’t open until 9:00 every day. Lame! :upside_down_face: maybe that will change when MMRT opens.

To me this indicates boarding groups will be going on for the foreseeable future as they wouldn’t have worked well on a morning EMH customers sucking up all the boarding groups.

This stinks for people who are onsite and want to rope drop morning EMH. And families with younger kids. Who wants to be there that late? Somewhat ruins the benefit of EMH for that demographic.

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BG aren’t issued until the regular park opening time, so EMH guests have little affect on this. Yes, they’ll already be tapped in and ready to go. However, DHS has been letting people in the park to wait an hour in advance of park opening. So all of those people who want to RD for RotR BG are there already.

This change is DHS trying to mitigate the overwhelming crowds that are coming to the park at 5am.

Me! (and my family w/ no small children) This means I don’t have to wake up at 5am to get to RD. I can sleep an extra hour+ and still get to RD and stay at the end of the night with fewer families / toddlers around.

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Good riddance! Our family are early risers but it still takes a while to get up, ready and out the door. 9am is much more manageable for RD!


Also worth noting that RotR is still not included in EMH -

We much prefer night EMH.

We’re going on the 26th (Sunday, it’s the lowest HS CL of our trip), so the park opens at 7am and we have evening EMH.

Currently the plan is to get there around 6am to get a boarding group and stay in the park until after our 11:30 lunch. Then hopefully our BG time will let us leave (we’re staying at Boardwalk, so it’s an easy trip) for a bit and have a rest before coming back around 5 to do dinner, Fantasmic (we’re doing the dining package), then hit Smuggler’s Run and Toy Story Land during EMH. The rest of my group is going to HS on arrival day (the 23rd), but I had to fly in later that evening so I’ve got them doing things that day that I know I can do during EMH even if they (the ones who are typically early to rise and in bed before 10) decide to go back after Smuggler’s Run.