HS Hours extended through August

Have you seen that HS hours were extended through the end of August to 8am-10:30pm with EMH from 7am-8am every day?

With the extended hours, it may be possible to do both Fantasmic! and SW fireworks now. Yay.


From what I can find, that begins June 30 when TSL opens. :frowning:

Just got the email today for the days I was tracking! I guess in theory that makes it easier for people to see all the new things?

Yes, it’s probably a good thing but it makes my PPO ADR at Hollywood & Vine useless. I only did it to be able to sign up for Jedi training early and not race there when the parks opens (and well, I have a DD2). I think I’ll cancel it now because I didn’t really want to eat there anyway.

But I’m not looking forward to a 7am EMH. We may not be able to do that. Oh well.

On the plus side, maybe Jedi Training won’t be such a priority after TSL opens, since most families will rush there instead? I guess we’ll see. :slight_smile:


Good point! I hope that happens!

These are terrible news for people staying offsite since it basically makes RD impossible. Anyone has any advice for touring an EMH park while staying offsite? I usually just avoid them like the plague but it can’t be the case with HS. Maybe just praying for a FP and focusing on the rest of the park instead.

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I’m really surprised with all the 7am openings. We were in WDW last June, a month after Avatarland opened and they only had a couple 7am openings a week. We made it to one, rope dropped FOP and was off the ride before 8am.

It will be difficult for those who stay off site. We rope dropped a couple 8 am openings for Pandora last year and it worked well, too. I would plan on doing HS on those days and getting there at least an hour before opening. They did open the tapstiles 20-30 minutes early for Pandora last year.

We will be there 8/15-28. I am going to try and FP Slinky one day and Aliens another day and rope drop TSM. We shall see how that goes. Hoping it will make FOP a little easier to snag early in our trip.

I was talking to DH and DS13 yesterday about this. DS is like "so I guess we’re getting up at 5:30 that morning"
I am wondering how club level FPs are going to effect our chances at FP for the new rides? They can get all 3 rides FP, they aren’t limited by the tiers. Hopefully Disney will drop FP in stages like they did for Avatar?
I want to make a TP for my HS day, but I’m going to wait till Josh does his blog about it. I’m wondering if it’s better to RD Slinky, then head over to RR and TT, then head back to TSL. Lines will be long later, but at least the kids will have a short wait for the older rides and maybe be able to ride twice if everyone is focused on TSL those first couple hours?

Yes, I’m not thrilled about the daily 7am EMHs. I was trying to limit our early, early mornings, so this complicates things. Knowing that we can do Fantasmic (DD7 loves it) and Star Works fireworks is another complication.

I may need to follow you and put my TP for HS down because I’m struggling with it. There’s so much to figure out, but I need to realize that I am unnecessarily spinning my wheels 4 months in advance!

I’m figuring we’ll have to take an afternoon break so we can come back and see the evening entertainment. Plus catch dinner somewhere with better choices

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