HS help!

Well we crushed MK on a 10/10 the other day due to a solid plan that worked out in our favor. I just can’t for the life of my decide what to Rope drop tomorrow with pending larger crowds than we thought. Plan is for SDDgenie + and Rise at 0700 (along with everyone else🤪.

10 and 7 yr old. My original plan was Falcon then toy story mania then tower or terror based off the optimizer. But the crowds have me 2nd guessing. Mickey and minnie seems tempting to RD but I think it will put me behind for our 2nd and 3rd ride. Probably want ROckin as our 11 genie plus. We definitely want to spend time walkong around galaxy’s edge later. Maybe I’m overthinking this. We do plan being first 1/4 or rd crowd and will stay until closing. Thanks guys!

Hi, I think you have a solid plan! I would RD MFSR and then head to Toy Story Mania. If you are staying to close, I think you could find time to ride Mickey and Minnie in the evening. Or check the wait time during the day and see if it drops at all. Curious to hear your plan at MK because I heard it was super crowded so far this week.

For me, it was either SDD or MMRR that was the RD.

Because I had limited time at HS and the available SDD LL were only after I was going to have left, I opted to RD SDD and then (to my chagrin) purchased MMRR and snagged ToT for my first LL in the 10am hr. This worked well for me; I would have gone from SDD to RNR but it was down all day so we went to TSM after SDD and walked on. We snagged coffee thereafter and it was time to ride ToT. From there we did Frozen singalong and then Muppets before DB7 for lunch. After that we did milk stand and Oga’s, followed by MFSR which I got after ToT tap in. ROTR was after that and then MMRR. We meandered and shopped and got pics of the statues and stuff in between things. It was a relaxed day and we got tons of things in before we had to leave at 5.

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I’d probably rope drop MMRR during EE and then go to MFSR. I rope dropped it once and walked right on. Are you doing early entry?

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We just lucked out big time with MK because we made a last minute decision to buy 7D (it was delayed until 10)so we were 3 rows back from the rope at SM. Winnie the pooh, BTMRR, Pirates, mobile order lunch(it only took 10 minutes to get our food because it was only 10:45ish. Now I cannot remember the exact order but basically 7dmt ILL, mad hatter, aerials (our longest wait at 50 mins ugh)
small world genie plus
Monsters inc
Pictures by the castle and saw a the ending of the parade
Dole whip stop took 20-25 mins that was a disaster
JC genie +
Swiss family treehouse
HM genie +
Tomorrow land speedway genie plus
Buzz genie plus
Stand for FW at 7:15 dead center which if u hate crowds was awful. Haha
Nighttime BTMT to cap it off
We hd genie plus barnstormer but we decided to call it as that was our 2nd straight rd and park close day in a row

Obviously some heavy hitters are missing but my kids don’t love PP so no appeal there. Really wanted to ride ppl mover but it was closed when i wanted to squeeze it in

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Yes to EE. Iplan to to be as early as i can to the parking lot

I like your plan. I was just rethinking my HS day (tomorrow!!) because the TP seemed off. I’m hoping if I can RD SDD, I can get earlier g+ return times and maybe use it more during the day? Or is that wishful thinking?

We kind of did that at MK when it came to PP once we figure out how busy it was. Ugh another option to think about. Haha

Earlier for SDD or generally?

Generally. If I don’t use my 7am pick for SDD, which seems to give people later times, I could book other rides with earlier returns and possibly get more LLs.


Yes I had lots of earlier options.

Love this thread. Tp makes it seem that RD-being SDD is a bad idea. I’m glad to see it’s possible.

I too don’t want to tie up G+! during those precious hours where RTs are easier to come by and also faster return windows.

@OBNurseNH If you were front of pack SDD, how long did you wait? TP says 50 minutes?! I know that’s not right, but scary still. I was thinking SDD then RNR too but hadn’t seen that anywhere as a plan till your post. If RNR hadn’t been down, could you have made it back across park before regular entry crowd?

The other option I was thinking was MMRR RD and then RNR and ToT. However that might save ILL dollars but would still tied up G+ For SDD.

Is it a benefit not to select a ride on G+ if you are stacking. What I mean is you get your 7 am, but at 9 am, your top choices aren’t available. Is there any benefit to checking at 9:15 and 9:30 or should you just get whatever you can at 7, 9, 11, etc?

If I am reading your question correctly, your question assumes that you can get a 9:00 am G+ (2 hours after your 7:00 am G+. But if you get a G+ at 7:00 am, you cannot get a second G+ until 2 hours after park opening or after you tap in to the 7:00 am G+. Thus, assuming a 9:00 am park opening, you would not able to get a second G+ at 9:00 am (it would be the earlier of 11:00 am or when you tap in for your 7:00 am G+).

Did I misunderstand your question?

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We waited 15 minutes one the ride started operating with guests (after testing); we were moving the whole time, shuffling along. We were right across from TSM. We were not front of RD packbit not too far back either. We arrived at 8:05 for an 8:30 ETPE (regular open was 9:00) and they had just started tapping people through the gates. We walked from BC and left there at 7:40 which was 10 mins later than I wanted.

We could easily have made it to RNR before the crowd and that was my original plan.

With everyones helpful hints and morning hustling we scored both Rise at 1 and SDD at 10:10. So we RD mmr and we were FOP then TSM and beat the off property folks to smugglers run for posted 30. Phew