HS - Help with TP - FP not being used?

Hi All,

WDW rookie here. I was hoping you could help me with this TP:

I have a FP for TSMM at 5:25 p.m. But the TP gives me the following message:

This plan does not use the Fastpass+ reservation for Toy Story Midway Mania!. Possible reasons for this include: (a) Using that Fastpass+ reservation may result in longer waits in line; (b) It may take more walking to use the Fastpass than in the plan shown; © It’s not possible to see everything else in the plan and use the Fastpass+; or (d) The attraction simply doesn’t need Fastpass+ because it won’t save any time. One option is to exchange this Fastpass+ reservation for another attraction or for another time of day.

Any suggestions? Should I just leave it as is and try to use the FP anyway? Or change it? I’m already limited on what FPs are available.

Thanks in advance for your help!

You have to make the plan public. We cant access it.

Okay, sorry. It’s public now (told you I was a rookie!) Thanks!

It looks like the plan is using your FP now. I don’t know if Touring Plans used it, or if you put Toy Story in that spot and evaluated, but it looks like you are good now, right?

Yes, I evaluated it again a few hours later and it worked. Not really sure what the difference was, as I didn’t change anything.

Which brings up another question - should I leave my plans as they are right now, or should I re-evaluate them a few days before (or even the day of) the trip? Will they change?


I usually re-evaluate. The way I look at it, why not use the latest info available?

One thing I did notice is that you dont have anytime set aside for signing up for Jedi Training. You need to make that happen pretty early in the morning especially if you want to work your TP around a certain time for JT.

One thing that I noticed and don’t know if you could get an early FP was the walking at the beginning! I’m not one to jump around the park but you go on

  1. Aerosmith RR
  2. Star Wars Launch Bay!

If it were me I would try to do Tower of Terror before walking all the way back to Launch Bay!

Also I noticed you didn’t have a few things listed! Didn’t know if you wanted to add them but didn’t have time or just things that you were not interested in:

  1. The Great Movie Ride
  2. One Man’s Dream
  3. Academy of Television Art
  4. Disney Junior
  5. Minnie and Mickey Red Carpet Dream

Here is something that I would plan for me and my family :slight_smile: