HS full day?

Trying to plan our HS day… Will be there early for RD… Should we after lunch and return in eve if Fantasmic is scheduled? Is there enough to do for a full day?

There is more than one answer to your question. I could definitely fill an entire day at HS but my preference would be to leave for a bit in the aft to take a break at an onsite resort. It all depends on crowds, what your interests are and how long you have to see everything that you want to.

Depending on what show(s) you want to see and the show schedule, you can spend a full day just seeing shows.

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I think so. It’s worth a day to see the shows, ride the rides, and shop. We usually do 2 days but with recent closures, I’m thinking 2 will be too much. I do love the atmosphere of HS so I could spend hours just walking around and not really doing anything.

I’ll dissent. I had two half-days at HS planned for my most recent trip, and ended up only doing one. I’m not much into shows. I arrived midmorning with FPs, did TSMM, Star Tours, RnRC 2x (single rider line), Great Movie Ride, saw Voyage of the Little Mermaid, visited One Man’s Dream, had lunch at Fairfax Fare and dinner at HBD, saw some Streetmosphere. I did not stay for Fantasmic because the weather was wretched. In my half-day, I felt that I got everything that was important to me at the park done. I ended up not returning, and spending extra time at MK.

YMMV, of course, but for me, it’s not a full day park. If you enjoy shows more than I do, it might be. I also had the benefit of being solo, which definitely sped things up in moving from attraction to attracting.

Yeah, we’re looking at out itinerary for November 16, and are half tempted to hop over to Epcot for the afternoon to catch the last day of F&WF before coming back for Osborne Lights and Fantasmic. If it weren’t for the fact that we’re doing a full day at Epcot the next day and the kids wouldn’t particularly case for F&WF, we’d probably do it.

As it is, we’ll just take a more relaxed pace for the day and maybe catch an extra show or two or try to repeat some rides.

If you do F! it is a full day- almost. You might have an hour or more left over before F!. We are doing RD, and seeing F!- but we are there when the Osbourne Lights are up- so have about 30 minutes planned for that. We also have two TS ADRs scheduled, so if you are eating on the fly you would have time for a break.

Depends on what you like, and how fast you are- but if you do all of the shows and attractions and F! there isn’t enough time to leave for a break IMHO if you plan to sit and eat at a relaxed pace. It is the only park day we don’t have a long afternoon break scheduled during a 10 day trip- as we are doing two mornings in all the other parks.

We still find it a full day, but maybe because we take a long leisurely afternoon break. We go to ToT, RnR, Tsm, Lmotorsaction, Mups, Great MR, Little Mermaid, One Man’s story. We skip all other shows, not really interested in them. also sometimes we include lunch or dinner at scifi or 50s.

I really like the atmosphere of HS at night, just to have a snack and maybe repeat a ride or 2.

As others have said, it really comes down to how many of the shows you want to see. I did an “ultimate” on a recent trip and it took me all day to fit all of the show schedules in (with enough time in between to do all of the rides, have 2 TS meals, do a M&G with Mickey, and spend about an hour at the Tune-In). I’ve seen the shows enough times that Indy (and occasionally F!) is the only one I typically go to anymore, so with RD and 3 FPPs, I’m easily done “touring” by lunch time. If I stay for lunch I’ll maybe spend an hour or so after taking pictures and maybe looking in a shop or two (not much of a souvenir shopper). Unless you really want to see all of the shows, I think touring until early afternoon, going back to the resort for a few hours and then returning for the Osborne Lights and F! would be a good plan.

We fill a day easily and don’t do everything. But my family focusing on characters and the kids are young so we do the disney jr show and have to H&V to meet those characters. We don’t do RnR or ToT because they’re too short. We haven’t done Band theB in a while either. Probably won’t again on our April trip. Just don’t have the time. We have to meet Mike & Sulley, Disney Jr., Buzz & Woody, and Sorcerer Mickey. We also like to play at HISTK playground and eat dinner at Pizza planet. Oh and Frozen - have to see that. And we usually leave at park closing without seeing F!. We do take a mid-day break.

I think HS is such a different park at night! I never stay all day but I think a PH is created for HS! I always do at least one morning and one night (together- one full day).

We plan a full day and during many of our trips our kids/grandkids want to go back for another 1/2 day. It is a park that makes it very easy to do it in a relaxed fashion and take in every thing.
We love all the rides at HS with ToT, RnRC, TSMM, the Great Movie ride and Star Tours. We normally ride them all several times during our trip.
We always have a ressie at Sci-Fi sometime for a burger and onion rings and other times just for a shake and atmosphere.
I agree with the pp, HS is such a different park at night especially during the holidays when Osborne Spectacular Dancing Lights are there. So sad that this is their last year. We will be going twice this trip just to experience them twice before they are gone.